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    China's medical and health industry has entered a rational development cycle and has made steady progress in subdivided fields

    • Last Update: 2022-11-26
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    At the 5th China International Import Expo, Helion, which appeared for the first time as an independent consumer health company, released the research report
    "Helion's Economic Contribution to China in 2021" by Oxford Economics.
    According to the report, in 2021, Helion contributed 7.
    34 billion yuan to China's total GVA and created nearly 20,000 jobs in China through direct and indirect employment
    "Medical health is one of the biggest highlights of this Expo, and it is also one of the industries with the largest number of exhibitors and the largest exhibition area, with nearly 200 related enterprises
    " Wang Xiaoqun, Executive Director of Hays China, a leading global professional recruitment group, said, "In recent years, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, policy dividends and capital injection, the demand for talents and attracting ability of China's health industry has continued to rise, and domestic and foreign enterprises have shown a trend
    of 'white-hot' competition for core talents.
    ” At present, the fifth China International Import Expo is being held
    in Shanghai.
    The entry of more and more segmented foreign-funded enterprises into China's medical and health market reflects the diversification of China's domestic demand side and the activity of market segments
    For example, Medtronic's MAZOR™X spine intelligent navigation robot, its localization project has been officially launched
    This is the third time that the robot has appeared at the Expo, making its debut in the first year, completing the transformation from exhibits to commodities the following year, and signing cooperation intentions
    with 10 hospitals on the platform of the Expo.
    This year, MAZOR X has entered the clinic, and the local version of MAZOR™™ X is expected to go offline within two years, bringing more accessible and diversified innovative medical technology
    to Chinese patients.
    In the past few years, investment in the medical and health industry has maintained a very high degree of heat, and a large amount of funds have entered various segments of medical and health care, which has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the entire industry on the one hand, and at the same time, the problem
    of overheating of the market has also arisen.
    "Affected by the fluctuations of market investment and financing and policies, compared with the industry's large-scale active expansion of the team in 2021, some medical and health companies began to tighten their personnel budgets
    in 2022.
    " Wang Xiaoqun said
    "The more affected segments include biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, but there are still quite a few segments that are developing well in 2022, and recruitment demand remains quite hot
    " In 2022, CDMO, IVD, gene cell therapy, artificial intelligence pharmaceutical, nucleic acid drugs, medical endoscopy, medical imaging, medical aesthetics, ophthalmology and dentistry will continue to have strong development momentum
    For example, Johnson & Johnson announced the signing of a one-year strategic cooperation framework agreement
    with Aier Eye Hospital Group at this Expo.
    The two parties will jointly promote the introduction and promotion of new ophthalmic technologies and products in the Chinese market, and accelerate the launch of
    new technologies and products in China by piloting them in specific regions in China.
    Among them, the world's first continuous vision path intraocular lens that provides 33cm near vision, TECNIS Synergy's new generation EDOF continuous vision intraocular lens, will be the first to carry out "first implementation and first trial"
    in Boao Aier Eye Hospital.
    For example, Cytiva, a pioneer in the global life science field, announced at the Expo that it has launched and deepened strategic cooperation
    with many industry-leading biopharmaceutical and CDMO companies such as Genqi Biologics, Heyuan Biologics and Fucheng Biologics.
    Among them, it will jointly build a plasmid virus R&D and production platform and a cell therapy GMP production line with Origin; In cooperation with Heyuan Biotechnology, it will be delivered to the domestic ultra-large-scale virus production platform; Cooperation with Fucheng Bio will promote the standardization and large-scale development
    of CDMO services for local biomolecules.
    "In general, after the outbreak of the epidemic, the development strategies of investment and financing and enterprises in the medical and health industry have gradually become rational, and the growth points of the industry have become more segmented
    " Wang Xiaoqun believes
    For the recruitment of talents by medical and health enterprises, Wang Xiaoqun suggested that enterprises can formulate more refined talent strategies, such as formulating clearer career development plans for talents, customizing positions for overseas talents, and providing more flexible transfer opportunities to attract talents to join and improve talent retention rate
    For job seekers, Wang Xiaoqun believes that although the medical and health market is volatile, Hays is still optimistic about the development of the industry for a long time, and recommends that job seekers properly expect management, balance risks and opportunities, and rationally view salary ups and downs
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