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    Chinese scholars have taken the lead in obtaining a new breakthrough in the treatment of solid tumors

    • Last Update: 2021-02-23
    • Source: Internet
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    , Feb. 20 (Chen Jing Xiaoxin) with the development of CAR-T cell therapy, now, blood tumors are no longer an unsolucted problem. Whether CAR-T cell therapy can effectively treat solid tumors has become a topic of concern.
    reporter was informed on the 20th, the latest well-known international academic journal "Cancer Immunotherapy Journal" online reported the Shanghai Cell Group in shanghai 10th People's Hospital, Shanghai University affiliated MengChao Cancer Hospital the latest findings. Clinical treatment data obtained by Chinese scholars show that CAR-T cells can not only target and kill tumor cells, but also carry a variety of antibodies, thus changing the tumor micro-environment, activating the body's original immune cells, combined to fight tumors. The Journal of Cancer Immunotherapy is a publication of BMJ.
    this, CAR-T cells (i.e., white-ze T-cells) function from simply killing tumor cells forward to "tumor cell killing and triggering tumor local immune response", thus playing a better and more lasting role in inducing anti-tumor. This means that Baize T technology has completed the advanced technology reserve, began to enter the deeper field of solid tumor treatment. It is understood that the Baize T technology concept from 2010, researchers 12 years grinding a sword, "sword refers to" solid tumor.
    According to the introduction, in this cutting-edge exploration, Shanghai Cell Therapy Group Professor Qian Qijun scientific research team and Shanghai 10th People's Hospital Professor Xu Qing clinical team to explore the use of self-secretion PD-1 antibody combined CAR-T cell therapy to treat patients with advanced resophatic ovarian cancer, achieved remarkable results. Patients survive without progress for 5 months and for up to 17 months.
    Qian Qijun told reporters that previously, CAR-T cell therapy has greatly reduced the harm of blood tumors. At present, there are a variety of CAR-T cell therapy can achieve 100% initial remission rate in blood tumor therapy, even if the tumor relapses, re-receiving CAR-T cell therapy may be effective again. However, most patients develop solid tumors, and the difficulty is finding the right target and removing the tumor micro-environment from inhibiting CAR-T cells.
    Qian Qijun further explained to reporters that in immunotherapy, PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors can not accurately target the tumor part, may lead to different side effects throughout the body, and the effect of single-drug treatment is not high. In patients with advanced ovarian cancer who received joint therapy, the returned CAR-T cells successfully "mobilized" the immune cells in the body to "surround" the tumor cells, and achieved results.
    Qian Qijun told reporters that in past treatments, researchers have found that certain immune combinations, while increasing the effectiveness of treatment, can also enhance side effects. In this case, the patient experienced only mild side effects such as high blood pressure level 1 and fatigue.
    , China has become one of the countries with the most data on clinical trials of CAR-T cell therapy in the world. Qian Believes that with the development of anti-tumor technology, Chinese cancer patients will receive better treatment, longer life cycle and a better quality of life.
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