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    Clariant HYDEX ® E Catalyst helps DUSLO convert plastic waste into high-quality winter diesel

    • Last Update: 2020-07-10
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    TheVUCHTof thedusloResearch Institute, has beenin theof its plastic diesel-first-drivetechnique, which has been used a new generation ofde-
    wax catalyticto convert the
    plasticwasteinto afueldistillat
    eeconomicbenefits,andtoVUCHTto opendemonstration
    plant40tonsthe construction ofHYDEX Ecatalyze thebr products with excellent of low flow , and fully comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard
    Shanghai, China/ Munich, Germany, July 2, 2020 - Clariant and Duslo Institute VUCHT are working together to convert waste into wealth Using its know-how to THE OF HYDEX
    E, VUCHT has successfully converted plastic waste into high-quality winter fuel distillate oils, using its know-how and Clariant's next-generation hydrogenated dewaxing catalysts The effectiveness of this breakthrough process has now been verified at a pilot plant in Slovakia Since both plastics and fuels come mainly from natural gas or crude oil, converting one of the plastic waste into another is important for sustainable and profitable fuel production "The addition of diesel fractions to a higher value product is critical to improving the economic semen's economy," said Stefan Heuser, senior vice president and global general manager of the Catalyst business unit at Clariant Clariant is committed to meeting the needs of its customers through innovative technologies such as HYDEX E We are proud to partner with VUCHT to help with its pioneering refining technology, converting plastic waste into winter diesel, and we are delighted with the outstanding performance of the next generation of catalysts in this process "
    VUCHT is part of Duslo, Slovakia's leading producer of fertilizers, specialty nitrides and rubber chemicals Using a pyrolysis process, the institute converts a variety of plastic waste collected in the country, such as polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and PET, into diesel fuel The process can thermally degrade plastics at high temperatures of more than 300 degrees C (530 degrees F) and convert them into liquid oils made up of various hydrocarbons Recently, the Institute developed a patented technology that further converts liquid oil into a high-quality fuel distillate, commonly known as winter diesel winter diesel not only meets Euro 6 fuel emission standards, but also maintains low temperature flow characteristics at ultra-low temperatures of -30 degrees F (-34 degrees C), especially to meet the demand for low temperatures in the Arctic region To achieve this extreme low-temperature fluidity, VUCHT chose Clariant's hydrogenated dewaxing catalyst, HYDEX E After extensive pilot trials to demonstrate the technical feasibility and economic appeal of the process, VUCHT is planning to expand the successful program to a custom-built demonstration plant for fuel distillates with an annual output of 40 tons HYDEX E is an economical selective heterogeneous hydrowaxing catalyst developed specifically for high-chain alkane raw materials The main advantage of this molecular sieve catalyst is that it significantly improves fuel quality and yield while minimizing costs and by-products HYDEX catalysts have been successfully used in catalytic dewaxing at a number of refineries around the world, have a history of more than 25 years and have been recognized as ideal for lifting intermediate distillate feedstocks such as diesel Duslo's VUCHT Institute is an engineering research organization with over 100 years of experience in the development of organic and inorganic chemical processes and products "Expanding to close to plant capacity is a final test of the practicality and profitability of our proprietary diesel production processes, and we are very pleased with the team's innovations," said Branislav, general manager of the institute, explaining the importance of the findings Brežný This would not have been possible without a partner such as Clariant Clariant's new dewaxing catalyst silenced more than expected "
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