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    Clin Cancer Res: The efficacy of the second-generation yew-alkane Kabatsai treatment for metastatic stomach cancer.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-04
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    This study is a multi-center Phase II clinical trial designed to study the efficacy and safety of a new second-generation yew drug, cabazitaxel, in the treatment of metastatic stomach cancer.
    The subjects were patients with local late stage, non-surgical excision or metastatic gastric cancer who progressed after first- or multi-line treatment, whether or not they had been treated with yew alkanes in the past, and independent efficacy assessments were conducted on patients who had not been treated with or without yewane.
    end point is progress-free survival (PFS).
    the same time, the study also carried out full exon and tumor RNA sequencing.
    (Progress-free survival and overall survival with kabatha in primary and non-primary patients) January 8, 2013 - April 8, 2015, 53 were recruited by the Yew alkane Primary Treatment Queue (Group A) In patients, the non-yew alkane primary treatment queue (Group B) recruited 23 patients: a medium age of 61.7 years (range 35.5-91.8 years), 66% of men and 66% of whites.
    most common adverse reactions were neutral granulocyte reduction (17% in Group A, 39% in Group B), fatigue/muscle weakness (13%) and blooduria (12%).
    group A, the 3-month PFS rate was 28%, which did not meet the expected efficacy target.
    3-month PFS rate in Group B exceeded the expected efficacy target.
    (effects of HER2 state on the efficacy of kabatha) (effects of M2 macrophage characteristics on the efficacy of kabatha) HER2 amplification or over-expression was associated with increased course control, PFS, and overall survival.
    M2 macrophage characteristics are also associated with improved survival.
    , kabatase has moderate activity in advanced stomach cancer, including patients who have been treated with yew drugs in the past.
    HER2 amplification/over-expression and M2 high macrophage markers are potential biomarkers of yew alkane efficacy and deserve further evaluation.
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