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    Combining hardware and software, this prototype provides the aviation industry with new ideas for measurement visualization

    • Last Update: 2022-12-30
    • Source: Internet
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    Structural testing for the aviation industry


    The Academic Flying Group Akaflieg Braunschweig is an association of students from various disciplines at the Technical University of Braunschweig that has been in existence for 95 years


    The members of the Academic Flight Group are passionate about aviation and aim
    to design new aviation concepts and develop innovative and unique glider prototypes.


    Among them, a prototype called SB (Braunschweig glider) has several flight records and repeatedly won competitions, providing new ideas
    for the aviation industry.






    A high-performance two-seater aircraft 20 meters long


    The SB 15 prototype is a high-performance two-seat tandem two-seater with a wingspan of 20 meters and an ergonomic
    The fuselage structure has been reinforced to enhance passive safety in the crew compartment


    Before being certified by the German Federal Aviation Administration, the fuselage of a two-seater aircraft must undergo several tests, for example, it must be demonstrated that in the event of a crash, the liferoom can accommodate two pilots




    Verify crashworthiness with ARAMIS

    The purpose of the test was to measure the deformation of the fuselage shell, especially around the cockpit cutout
    To capture deformation as seamlessly as possible, the three ARAMIS measuring heads are daisy-chained and synchronized to the server as a shared measurement system


    Unlike conventional sensors that only measure discrete points, ARAMIS uses grayscale features to provide an overall 3D coordinate point cloud and track the 3D coordinate point cloud over time without any contact


    Then, use the reference coordinate points in the point cloud to convert the 3D coordinates to the same coordinate system to share the measurement item
    The reference point is glued to the test fixture to mimic these coordinates, which are then captured
    with a portable TRITOP.


    "With ARAMIS, we can measure large structures, which also allows us to deal with unexpected behavior


    Lajos Fohlmeister, 

    Akaflieg Braunschweig




    Different software are integrated in the same software platform

    Users can operate and combine the two systems
    ARAMIS and TRITOP from a single software platform.
    The evaluation of the measured values takes place in
    the GOM Correlate Pro software.


    From here, you can visualize measurement data, identify displacements in large structures, and analyze
    The advantages of the GOM Correlate Pro are reflected in the completion of the test


    During the test, the SB 15 airframe structure was heated in the TEMPER tent to 54°C, the temperature
    at which the prototype had to pass the load test.
    By using CAD data from the test setup, the precise positioning
    of the three ARAMIS measuring heads is planned in the software.
    The incision of the TEMPER tent is customized to accommodate the field of view
    of the measuring head.



    Although it took us a day to set up ARAMIS, it provided more
    results than we could get with a strain gauge for a week and all available measurements combined.


    Lajos Fohlmeister, 

    Akaflieg Braunschweig




    3D deformation analysis under strict inspection conditions


    SB 15 passed the load test
    ARAMIS is up to the task
    of measuring closed samples at high temperatures.
    The information obtained helped to optimize the SB 15 airframe, which improved the passive protection system
    of the passenger compartment.



    Software GOM Correlate Pro

    Used to identify displacements and analyze strains in large structures



    About GOM Correlate Pro

    With the GOM Correlate Pro software, you can acquire measurement data
    from pictures and movie materials.
    Such videos accurately document dynamic processes and provide individual analysis that can be used to later evaluate
    specific objectives.


    GOM Correlate Pro software


    The software analyzes strain, displacement, velocity, acceleration, rotation, angle and angle changes, and much more
    GOM Correlate Pro also captures and evaluates motion and deformation
    in three-dimensional space.




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