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Condiments work on young people

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At present, young people are becoming the main force of kitchen condiment consumption, and some new and characteristic consumption habits
are presented.
In order to meet the seasoning needs of young people, condiment brands have launched a "youthful" strategy, and innovated in products, packaging, channels, marketing and other aspects

Brand "rejuvenation" is imminent

In recent years, the development of the condiment industry can be described as "mixed"
Worryingly, the catering end was affected by the epidemic and pressed the "pause button"; Happily, household consumption showed a double-digit high growth trend, among which compound seasonings are particularly "favored"
because they are in line with the tone of young people's lives.

After 00, Xiao Liu likes to cook very much, but seems to lack some "talent", and it is a test
for him to put several spices and how much to put every time he cooks.
"My friend said that I can make N flavors in the same dish, and whether it tastes good or not depends on Providence, and after being planted by my colleagues with grass compound seasoning, my cooking skills can be described as 'leaps and bounds'
" With the compound seasoning, Xiao Liu cooks
very easily.
Post-90s Shin Shin is also a cooking enthusiast, ordinary home-cooked dishes are not a problem, but the taste of "hard dishes" such as boiled meat slices, hairy blood, and spicy crayfish is always unsatisfactory
"Once I tried the boiled meat slice seasoning recommended to me by a friend, but I didn't expect it to taste good
" Shin Shin said that there are always a few packs of compound seasoning at home, which can be made
whenever you want to eat.

More and more young people like to cook, but also pay more attention to the taste
of food.
According to a market survey, nearly half of young people say they cook several times a week, and more than 10% cook every day
In first- and second-tier cities, 48.
1% and 55.
8% of young people cook several times a week, and 41.
9% and 39.
in fourth- and fifth-tier cities.
But the reality is that young people love to cook, but there are pain points
that can't cook well.

Compound seasonings can solve this pain point well, so they have been highly sought after
by young people in recent years.
In this regard, Yihai International launched compound seasonings such as sauerkraut fish, crayfish, Kung Pao chicken, Qianhe Weiye launched compound seasonings such as Huiguo meat, mapo tofu, green shoot potato roast chicken, and good people launched Fujishan bowl chicken, green pepper spicy fish, spicy crayfish, spicy grilled fish, spicy hot skewers and other compound seasonings.
In order to cater to the trend of younger consumption, condiment brands have stepped up their layout
in the compound seasoning track.

Industry insiders pointed out that at present, a new generation of consumers is rising, not only compound seasonings, new hot sauce, vinaigrette and other products are popular, are because of meeting the consumer needs of this part of the population and become a hot-selling category and popular market, condiment brand "young" is imminent

The brand "dazzling skills" attracts the attention of young people

With the rise of new consumption, many brands smell business opportunities and simultaneously start the "younger" strategy, some brands have tasted the sweetness, but there are also many brands caught in the blind zone, in order to appear "young" and young, lack of insight into consumer demand, so the effect is not satisfactory
So, how can condiment brands really be younger? Industry insiders pointed out that the new generation of consumers is more independent, fashionable and advocates health and personality expression, which requires condiment brands to actively match their needs
at the marketing, product and channel levels.

First of all, in terms of products, rejuvenation does not mean a complete abandonment of tradition, and innovation in old categories can also attract the attention of young consumers
Taking hot pot base as an example, in addition to the traditional spicy taste, emerging flavors such as tomato, mushroom soup, gin soup, Japanese suki pot, and duck soup are becoming more and more popular in the market, and subdivided products such as bowl chicken seasoning, spicy fragrant pot seasoning, and skewer spices are also gradually gaining popularity in the market
In terms of sauces, in addition to the common spicy sauces, emerging flavors such as yellow stewed chicken sauce, casserole, hot dry noodle sauce, grilled fish sauce, fried chicken sauce, finger cake sauce, black pepper sauce, and Korean bibimbap sauce are also selling
well in e-commerce channels.

Product rejuvenation can also make efforts
from the aspects of functional compounding, specification convenience, and packaging beauty.
The new generation of consumers is more looking for simple, fast lifestyles and does not like waste
Haitian Weiye's squeezed oyster sauce, Pixian Douban brand Juancheng's MINI sauce bean beef sauce, Qiaotou people's small piece of hot pot base.
More humane changes such as reducing capacity, improving bottle shape, and preventing leakage are the full embodiment
of product rejuvenation.
At the same time, young people who pay attention to sensory stimulation, but also pursue visual beauty and surprise, rich and beautiful colors, personality interesting images can often trigger their purchase interest, therefore, improving the packaging grade of condiments, shaping the brand's unique identification symbol, strengthening fashion and quality sense, has become one of the important tasks of
condiment brands.
The success of Shin Ho June Fresh in recent years is not unrelated to its fashionable packaging, the slender bottle body is not only easier to pick up, but also more visually beautiful, coupled with simple and clear bottle stickers, so that many young people have become loyal fans
of Shin Ho June Xian.
In addition, the condiment brand "Fan Ye" created by singer Lin Yilun and the condiment brand "Hi Hi Pipi" created by comedian Yue Yunpeng cleverly grasp the characteristics of young people chasing stars and worshiping idols, making the condiments full of

Second, building diversified channels has become the key
to reaching young consumers.
The analysis found that the younger the brand, the more diversified
the channel construction.
Industry insiders pointed out that although the condiment industry still uses traditional channels as the main channel, the influence of some emerging channels is getting stronger
and stronger.
From the initial agricultural trade to chain supermarkets, from offline to online, from traditional e-commerce to community group buying to interest e-commerce.
The degree of impact of each channel change on condiments is different, but the impact on the industry is gradually increasing
Taobao, Tmall, JD.
com, Douyin, Hema Xiansheng, Dingdong and so on are the first places that young brands consider when entering the market, "because these places are closer to young consumers and can be reached with their mobile phones
" ”

In addition, in order to cater to young consumers and seize the C-end market, many condiment brands have worked marketing models
In September last year, Good People opened the "Delicious Hot Pot Season" activity, joined hands with the host "My Dad is a Dragon", released exquisite short video content according to the work and life status of young people, and the number of views on the whole network exceeded 30 million in 7 days after its launch, and the number of retweets exceeded 1.
3 million, quickly "out of the circle"
among young people.
Haitian Taste Industry sponsored "Talk Show Conference", Qianhe Taste Industry sponsored "Do Not Disturb If You Are Insincere", and Shuanghui Condiment officially announced actor Wan Qian as the spokesperson, and the analysis found that many condiment brands are trying to enter the vision
of young consumers through marketing.

Some insiders believe that rejuvenation is actually a kind of keeping pace with the times, condiments as one of the most traditional industries in the FMCG industry, rejuvenation is not only related to the future development of the brand sustainability, but also for the industry to maintain sufficient market vitality is also extremely important
It should be noted that although the condiment industry is currently showing a new potential of "youth", how to close the distance between young people and young people, brands still have a long way to go

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