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    Consumers for Wang coating enterprises should enhance the sense of consumer participation.

    • Last Update: 2020-09-09
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    : In this "consumer is king" era, consumers from the focus on product quality to brand, to today's desire for product experience. Without exception, the
    industry has also ushered in the buyer's market, enterprises only continue to pay attention to changes in consumer demand, enhance consumer participation, in order to better strive for greater development space in the paint market.
    brands are no longer high, consumers have risen to the top. In today's coatings market environment, any brand that simply follows its own inferences to develop a brand strategy to satisfy the consumer experience means risk and error.
    paint brand
    a good way to get consumers' approval is to let consumers participate in brand building, they take the initiative to provide their own ideas and practices.
    the trend of the centralization of the main body of communication is becoming more and more obvious, and the media is no longer the sole producer and disseminator of information. In today's Internet world, the network media is more like an information support platform and popularity aggregation platform, consumers are no longer the end of communication, they become a node in the process of communication, even in a sense is the media. In many promotional activities, consumers accept information from all sides, but also in the manufacture of information and dissemination of information to all parties.
    consumers really became God. Brands and media no longer control all brand experiences and communication resources as they used to, and the era of brand-led consumer behavior is over. In the past, professional and orthodox marketing concepts are being challenged by consumer self-awareness,
    coating enterprises
    only to guide and cater to consumer behavior and experience, in order to make the brand promotion effect to a greater extent of release.
    In short, under the premise of consumer-led market, paint enterprises in the development process, or can peddle the "sense of participation", so that consumers participate in brand building and other activities, enhance consumer awareness of their own brands, so as to achieve word-of-mouth effect.
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