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    Continuous haze causes pharmaceutical companies to speed up new drug research and development

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    The continuous haze in most areas of China is having a serious impact on public health Recently, the author learned from many pharmaceutical companies that respiratory related therapeutic drugs continue to be popular, and many companies are working overtime to produce related products "At the beginning of this month, we adjusted our production plan In recent days, we have been working overtime to produce Qingfei Sanjie pill After continuous haze in Beijing, Shandong and other places last December, the demand for our products has increased significantly." Hainan longshengtang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd a sales manager revealed It is reported that haze weather caused a sharp increase in patients with respiratory diseases A variety of drugs and medical devices for respiratory diseases are in hot demand, and relevant enterprises are expected to usher in opportunities The hot sale of related products has also become the main reason for the recent activity of related pharmaceutical stocks Zhao Zisheng, investment consultant of Yingda securities, believes that in the near future, the performance of the medical sector has been active, the haze weather is just a fuse, and the whole medical sector has medium and long-term opportunities, which deserves long-term attention As for the recent surge in respiratory patients, he said that not only in China, but also in the United States, where relevant U.S stocks rose sharply, and some domestic stocks also rose with each other According to Zhao Zisheng, the trend of relevant pharmaceutical stocks should be medium and long term Zhou Wenqian, general manager of longshengtang pharmaceutical, told the author that the sales volume of pure Chinese patent medicine Qingfei Sanjie pill, the national exclusive variety produced by the enterprise, increased significantly in the north, "especially in the North China market, the sales volume increased by more than one time." For the reasons of the hot sale of Chinese patent medicine, Zhou Wenqian analyzed that the haze weather is easy to induce the attack of chronic respiratory diseases and lung diseases, while traditional Chinese medicine has always been an advantage in the above areas, such as Qingfei Sanjie pill can quickly improve the immune function of the body, which is applicable to various chronic lung inflammation Zhou Wenqian disclosed that at present, longshengtang is launching a new research and development plan, and hopes to cooperate with Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine to carry out research specifically on the effect of PM2.5 on the lung, so as to prove the special role of Qingfei Sanjie pill in this treatment field Because the previous clinical data showed that the product has three fundamental functions: Invigorating Qi and blood, strengthening the healthy and removing evil, balancing yin and Yang, and comprehensively adjusting the body's anti-cancer Ability and adaptability It is reported that not only the hot sale of traditional Chinese medicine, but also the hot sale of some traditional Chinese medicine in the near future According to the market price information of medicinal materials in Bozhou, Anhui Province, the prices of Chinese medicinal materials such as Dendrobium, Lily and ophiopogon have also increased recently.
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