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    Correct understanding of canned food Reasonable consumption of canned food

    • Last Update: 2022-12-29
    • Source: Internet
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    The global spread of the new crown epidemic has had a significant impact on people's lifestyle, diet and other habits, and consumption habits have also changed
    There has also been a change in the consumption mindset of buying food: increased
    awareness of nutrition and health.
    Canned food is favored by many consumers because of its storable properties
    Recently, the China Canning Industry Association issued canned food consumption tips, so that consumers can correctly understand canned food and reasonably consume canned food

    The China Canning Industry Association pointed out that canned food refers to food that meets the requirements of raw materials by treatment, canning, sealing, sterilization, cooling, or aseptic canning, and meets the requirements of commercial sterility, and can be stored for a long time at room temperature without adding

    Long shelf life is achieved without the addition of preservatives

    Canned food can achieve long-term preservation, mainly relying on the processing technology
    of canning.
    There are three key points: first, heating exhaust, vacuum or nitrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide mixed gas, etc.
    , greatly reducing the oxygen content in food and containers, so that the potential microbial growth in the container is in a stagnant state; The second is tightly sealed, blocking the passage of air (oxygen) or microorganisms outside the container into the container; The third is thermal sterilization, so that the potential microorganisms in the container die
    due to heat treatment, physical action or chemical action.

    Canned food is safe
    by sterilizing and sealing.
    The raw materials of the ingredients are sterilized at high temperature to maximize the killing of microorganisms in the tank to meet the requirements of commercial sterility, and the packaging material is usually packaged with tinplate and other packaging to isolate external air and moisture, which can ensure stable product quality for a long time
    Therefore, products produced in strict accordance with the canning process can achieve a long shelf life without the need to add preservatives

    Types of canned food that are not suitable for purchase

    When purchasing canned food, you should pay attention to product packaging and observe product form

    Since canned food has metal packaging, glass bottle packaging, flexible packaging and other packaging forms, and there are rich types, it is necessary to judge the quality of canned food from the aspects of appearance, packaging, sensory quality, labels, brands, etc.
    when purchasing canned food
    Normal metal cans should be complete in appearance, not deformed, not damaged, no rust spots, and the bottom cover should be concave; The center of the metal cap of the glass bottle should be slightly concave downward, and its contents should be intact when viewed through the bottle, and the soup should be clear and free of impurities
    Otherwise, it is not suitable for purchase

    Do not eat can products: Expansion can refers to the phenomenon of expansion bulging at the bottom and top of the tin can, which is one of the manifestations of
    can deterioration.
    The reason for the expansion of the tank is that the cans are not completely sterilized, and the food inside is contaminated
    with microorganisms.
    Microorganisms multiply with the food in the jar as nutrients, producing gas
    The gas gathers to a certain extent to form a can deformation

    Do not eat air leakage moldy products: canned products in the process of storage and transportation due to improper handling, bumping and other reasons will cause product packaging deformation, can lid seal leakage, air leakage leads to the product in the can contact with the outside air, microorganisms begin to multiply, generally after the product opens the lid will find mold.

    How to store it properly

    If opened canned food cannot be eaten at once, it should be stored

    After the canned meat is opened, if it cannot be eaten at one time and the remaining canned food is not stored correctly, it will cause a large number of microorganisms to multiply and cause the canned food to deteriorate
    Once the canned fruit and vegetable is opened, if the can is made of tinplate, the tinplate is easy to oxidize after encountering air, which will destroy the vitamin C
    in the food.

    Once the canned meat or fruits and vegetables are opened, if it cannot be eaten at one time, the remaining canned food should be poured in enamel, ceramic or plastic food containers, sealed with plastic wrap for temporary storage, or stored in the refrigerator, but should be eaten
    as soon as possible.

    Canned sugar jams and jams can not be eaten at one time, then the can mouth should be covered or poured into other containers, sealed with plastic wrap, and eaten within 2-3 days (autumn and winter can be stored for a few more days), such canned sugar content is generally between 40%-65%, with antiseptic effect, not easy to deteriorate
    When this kind of can is stored, the can can be covered and kept in a sealed state as much as possible, or poured into other containers with lids, and stored in the refrigerator and refrigerator, but it should not be stored for a long time

    The China Canning Industry Association reminds that consumers must first have a plan to buy canned food, make different choices according to different regions and different family conditions, and cannot blindly purchase
    In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to nutritional matching to achieve balanced

    (Hu Kelu)

    China Food News(Version 06, December 22, 2022)

    (Responsible editor: Zhu Meiqiao)




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