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    Cro track is increasingly crowded. How does the new cro stand out?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    In recent years, the market demand of CrO (contract R & D Organization) is increasingAccording to Frost & Sullivan's data, the scale of China's cro market in 2017 was about 4.2 billion US dollarsIt is estimated that by 2022, the whole CRO market in China will reach nearly $15 billion< br / > with the growth of cro market, it is the increasingly fierce market competitionFor pharmaceutical companies, the choice of cooperative cro objects depends on whether cro companies can make up for all or part of their shortcomings in drug discovery, preclinical research, clinical research and listing application< br / > for drug discovery cros, the technical weakness of drug R & D in pharmaceutical companies is also a breakthrough in their industry competitionThere are high barriers in the research and development of new drugs, such as target discovery, lead compound activity screening, antibody production and affinity screeningAccording to SBI research in the United States, the hit rate of traditional R & D structure design of new drugs is 0.1% - 0.01%, while that of computer-aided drug design can be increased by 5% - 20%< br / > therefore, the application of AI, big data and other innovative technologies to shorten the R & D cycle of new drugs and reduce the R & D cost is an important means for drug discovery cro to seek differentiated development and retain a place in the industry competition< br / > pre clinical and clinical cro enterprises are facing increasingly strict supervision and increasingly complex clinical trial execution environmentSpecifically, at present, the clinical trial management efficiency of traditional cro is low, mainly due to three reasons: < br / > first, high recruitment cost of patientsAccording to industry estimates, patient recruitment costs account for more than 30% of the total clinical trial budgetAccording to the data of tufts drug development and Research Center, 11% of clinical centers failed to recruit a patient, and 37% of clinical centers failed to achieve the recruitment goal; < br / > secondly, there was a lack of effective clinical data management meansTraditional cro still uses TMF (trailmaster file) mode to manage clinical data, that is, to submit clinical data in paper form or simply transfer itHowever, this method has its limitations, and operators cannot access the trial in real time; < br / > thirdly, there is no effective intervention scheme for clinical trial designAfter the start of clinical trials, some of the results of the preliminary trials can often indicate some unreasonable clinical trial designIf we analyze these data and adjust the follow-up trial plan, we can correct the unreasonable design of clinical trial, reduce the research cost and shorten the research cycle This method is called adaptive design However, the traditional cro often ignores these preliminary clinical trial data and has no effective means to carry out adaptive design < br / > therefore, how to seek more efficient, standardized and consistent management of clinical trials is very important in building its industry competitiveness < br / > how the new cro iterates the traditional mode < br / > with the increasing competition in the cro market, the original cro mode needs to be changed M & A and strategic cooperation have become the main means for the development of large cro enterprises Cro giants Kuntai and PPD (pharmaceutical product development) have actively expanded their business scope through M & A in recent years PPD has reached strategic cooperation with HLT (happy life technology), the leading medical AI technology company in the industry, Through the combination of HLT's AI and big data technology and PPD's leading ability in clinical trial management and real world research in the world, the efficiency of clinical trial can be greatly improved and the cost of clinical trial can be reduced < br / > small and medium-sized cro enterprises stand out from a large number of cro enterprises by means of building characteristic technology platforms or services, focusing on a certain field highly, adopting innovative payment methods, etc., and become a new force in this field < br / > whether it is a cro giant or a small and medium-sized cro enterprise, we are all classified as a new cro enterprise, which accelerates the clinical trial process by means of big data, AI and other means, highly focuses on a certain field to become a specialized cro, or optimizes the working mode by implementing an innovative business model, so as to provide clinical trial services or preclinical services more accurately, efficiently and profitably < br / > in this paper, the arterial network points out the new cro enterprises in recent years, and details how they can enable clinical trial management and new drug research and development through AI, big data and other technical means, or innovative payment methods, so as to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of drug research and development < br / > new clinical cro enterprises that rely on AI, big data and innovative payment mode are widely used in new drug research and development Computer aided drug design (CADD) greatly promotes the discovery and optimization of leading compounds The specific applications of CADD include structure-based drug design (SBDD), ligand based drug design (lbdd), high-throughput screening and so on, which provide a new thinking mode for new drug research and development Drug discovery cro with AI and big data platform is undoubtedly more favored by pharmaceutical companies, including smart chemistry, Baonuo technology, vivia biology, etc < br / > the low efficiency of clinical trial management is an important factor restricting the development of traditional clinical cro business However, a number of new cro enterprises have emerged in China, such as HLT, tiger, Kuntai, etc., which use AI and big data to enable clinical trial management, i.e data processing platforms such as EDC electronic data collection system, CTMS clinical trial management system, ctdms clinical trial drug management system, ectd general technical document system, emetsafe pharmacovigilance database, etc, Realize intelligent and integrated data management and data insight, accelerate patient recruitment and improve the efficiency of clinical trial data management < br / > the technical platform of new clinical cro < br / > data source: ISR, Minsheng Securities Research Institute, arterial network sorting, It is fully empowered in the fields of ind registration, clinical trial scheme design, clinical trial operation and quality management, clinical trial enrollment efficiency, risk-based clinical monitoring, virtual clinical trial and single arm trial technology with real world data as the control < br / > in 2014, tiger self raised funds to build clinical trial EDC system for clinical trial data collection, storage, transmission and data processing, so as to improve the efficiency of clinical trial management and data management < br / > in addition, a group of highly focused or specialized cro enterprises emerge in the cro market They often focus on a certain field and provide a single service Due to their high degree of specialization, the market competition is relatively small These new cro enterprises include Zhaoyan new drug, which focuses on preclinical safety evaluation, bioclinica, which focuses on central imaging, and Jinyu medicine, which focuses on central laboratory < br / > in addition to the new cro with innovative technology enabling and business field specialization, there are also cro enterprises with innovative business models, such as Kuntai < br / > in terms of innovation of payment mode, the traditional cro business mode is usually "hand in money, hand in delivery" Most drug discovery cros adopt the business model of milestone payment However, cro giant Kuntai adopts the "risk sharing" business model, and takes the initiative to take risks and obtain more returns by participating in the design and implementation of new drug R & D projects more deeply < br / > AI, big data, new clinical cro enabled by innovative payment mode < br / > data source: arterial network sorting < br / > interpretation of typical cases of new cro enterprises < br / > fundamentally, the development of cro industry is driven by the demand of pharmaceutical enterprises for new drug research and development The emergence of new cro shows the innovation of drug R & D demand to a certain extent The future development trend of cro may not be known, but from the development process and business development direction of new cro, we may get some enlightenment < br / > we take HLT, a new cro enterprise empowered by AI and big data, and mingkant, the earliest cro medicine established in China, as well as Kuntai, which is established by the merger of quintiles, a cro giant, and Ames, a leading health data provider in the industry, as an example to analyze the trend of new cro in the future < br / > HLT & PPD < br / > HLT is a medical AI enterprise, which provides complete big data and AI enabling innovative pharmaceutical research solutions HLT has the EDC product line validated by the international professional organization nnit and the world-class clinical research professional team, which can provide pharmaceutical enterprises with product life-cycle solutions, including clinical trials, drug marketing strategies and real world research for the expansion of drug safety, effectiveness, economy and indications, accelerate the process of new drug research and development, and improve drug accessibility < br / > HLT ICD (International Development) intelligent clinical development: medical knowledge map, clinical research collaboration platform and professional cro service team based on super scale real world data and machine learning, relying on domestic top PI expert network and domestic and foreign industry experts, together with international top cro company PPD, integrating specialization, intelligence and innovation, It is committed to providing "more accurate, more efficient and more lean" professional intelligent clinical development integration services for international and domestic pharmaceutical enterprises < br / > in addition, HLT has in-depth research on real world evidence, and relevant papers have been published in the top journals such as Lancet Oncology and natural medicine < br / > in February 2019, HLT and PPD reached a strategic cooperation The exclusive cooperation between HLT and PPD will focus on providing data-driven innovative clinical research services to the global and Chinese Biopharmaceutical Enterprises, accelerating the clinical research and development process and saving research and development costs < br / > through AI and big data, comprehensively enable the key nodes of cro, such as ind registration, clinical trial scheme design, clinical trial quality management, and clinical trial enrollment efficiency < br / > PPD is a global contract research organization with offices in 48 countries and more than 20000 employees The company is committed to providing drug discovery, development, life cycle management and laboratory services Its customers and partners are located in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, academic and government organizations PPD has rich experience in the first 20 phase clinical trials in the Asia Pacific region, has clinical development offices in Beijing and Shanghai, and has a Shanghai central laboratory in Shanghai PPD has also set up evidera business unit to provide real world evidence-based research for pharmaceutical companies From the early research and development of products to the expiration of drug patent rights, evidera can prove the real world effectiveness, safety and value of biopharmaceutical products < br / > the combination of HLT and PPD can optimize cro drug discovery and clinical trial management from three aspects through AI, big data and other innovative technical means < br / > first, build a large-scale knowledge map, doctor research network and multi-source data processing and prediction model through machine learning technology to match the most suitable clinical trials for research institutions and patients, improve the improvement efficiency of clinical unmet needs, and solve the pain points of patient recruitment; < br / > Second, rely on HLT high-quality data processing technology and clinical trial technology platform, Realize the integration of automatic data collection, intelligent data management, active prompt of adverse reactions, timely warning of scheme violation, improve the efficiency of clinical trials and reduce the risk of clinical trials; < br / > thirdly, HLT makes use of its real world data processing and research capabilities, combines the domestic and foreign clinical research results, and makes a complete review of the current situation of disease treatment, Tap the potential of drug treatment and marketing And based on the treatment needs, provide the researchers with research and development strategies Therefore, in the early stage of drug research and development, many innovative drug clinical development teams can adjust the clinical trial design scheme and reduce the cost of drug research and development through adaptive design in time < br / > Wuxi Wuxi Wuxi Wuxi Wuxi Wuxi Wuxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in 2000 After delisting from the United States in 2015, Wuxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was divided into three entities: Hequan pharmaceutical, Yaoming biology and Yaoming Kant Integration
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