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    Cytiva announced a capital increase of 60 million yuan at the 5th CIIE to build a science and technology innovation center in China

    • Last Update: 2022-11-15
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    • Cytiva announced an increase of 60 million yuan in China to build a China Science and Technology Innovation Center, providing products, technologies, services and innovative solutions
      for the biopharmaceutical industry throughout the upstream and downstream in bioprocess R&D and clinical production, new therapy incubation, talent training, intelligent manufacturing and services, regulatory verification, etc.
    • After the capital increase, the total investment of Cytiva China Science and Technology Innovation Center is nearly 100 million yuan
    • Cytiva brought blockbuster products such as 50-2500L Xcellerex disposable liquid dispensing bag and Biacore8K new generation molecular interaction analysis system to the expo, accelerating the intelligent transformation of local biopharmaceuticals and achieving economies
      of scale.

    SHANGHAI, Nov.
    5, 2022
    /PRNewswire/ -- Cytiva, a global pioneer in life sciences, announced at the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) that it will increase its capital by 60 million yuan to build a Chinese science and technology innovation center in China and release localized new products, further fulfilling its commitment to "based in China, serving China", by providing products, technologies, services and innovative solutions that run through the upstream and downstream.
    Accelerate the innovation and high-quality development of
    the local biopharmaceutical industry.
    After the capital increase, the total investment of Cytiva China Science and Technology Innovation Center is nearly 100 million yuan

    Zhou Mintao, President of
    Cytiva China, said: "In the booming Chinese biopharmaceutical industry, localization is the only way for
    every international company.
    The fully upgraded Cytiva China Science and Technology Innovation Center shows that as a technological innovation-driven enterprise, we can achieve China's 'new' based on China and serve China strategy by enhancing the Chinese 'core'
    of R&D and innovation.
    " Only by truly thinking with a Chinese mind and feeling the needs of the times and industry development with a Chinese heart can we truly benefit the local market

    Cytiva increased its capital by 60 million yuan to build a new Chinese science and technology innovation center

    Promote comprehensive localization with China's science and technology innovation center and accelerate the innovation and development of the entire local biopharmaceutical industry chain

    In 2006, Cytiva introduced Fast Trak bioprocess development and talent training business to China for the first time, and has trained nearly 10,000 professionals so far, helping more than ten projects to complete pharmaceutical research and enter clinical application and clinical phase I, known as the "Whampoa Military Academy"
    in the biomedical industry 。 In order to meet the growing local demand for biopharmaceutical development, Cytiva decided to increase its capital by 60 million yuan on the basis of the Shanghai Bioprocessing Center to upgrade its R&D and innovation capabilities in China and build a new China Science and Technology Innovation Center to provide all-round support
    for accelerating industrial innovation and high-quality development.

    Located in Zhangjiang, Shanghai, Cytiva China Science and Technology Innovation Center has a construction area of about 11,000 square meters and will aggregate 7 functional divisions:

    • Cytiva's expanded Fast Trak service, Asia's largest biopharmaceutical talent training base, can provide the industry with 2,000 biotechnology professional training sessions per year, covering the whole process training needs from early R&D to clinical declaration, as well as large-scale commercial production, and can provide customized talent pool plans
      to biopharmaceutical companies.
    • Cytiva's world's first novel therapy incubator accelerates the development and commercialization of new therapies in cell therapy, gene therapy, mRNA drugs and other fields
      through flexible collaboration such as small-scale proof of concept and pilot scale-up confirmation.
    • Cytiva's world's first digital remote service center - relying on advanced technologies such as AR and industrial Internet of Things, it can provide customers with 24-hour uninterrupted digital remote services, speed up response to customers' equipment diagnosis and troubleshooting needs, repair problems remotely in real time, and escort the R&D and production of biopharmaceutical enterprises.

    • Cytiva's Asia's first single-use technology R&D center of excellence conducts sample preparation of single-use bioprocessing consumables, and provides services
      such as new product development testing and validation, customized product interactive training with customers, product maintenance and customer complaint investigation.
      By breaking down the barriers between product technology and industrialization, the pain points
      in the design of localized new products are solved.
    • Cytiva's first bio-intelligent manufacturing display platform in Asia will fully demonstrate Cytiva's intelligent manufacturing solutions for Industry 4.
      0 from modern R&D and production equipment to automation and digital control platforms, and will also display solutions for the continuous manufacturing of antibody drugs, covering the whole process
      from cell culture initiation to drug stock solution generation.
    • Cytiva Custom Bioprocessing Solution Center - Based on local needs, integrating global technical knowledge in the design and manufacture of bioprocessing downstream purification equipment, tailor-made chromatography system, filtration system, online dosing, continuous process and other equipment for Chinese customers, has delivered hundreds of sets of products, widely used in the production of
      monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, insulin, nucleic acid drugs, peptide drugs.
    • Cytiva Regulatory Verification Laboratory - The platform is one of the five major Cytiva verification service laboratories in the world, and is also the company's first professional laboratory to provide filtration process verification services in China, which has completed the filtration process verification of about 2,000 drugs and helped customers pass

    Cytiva participated in the 5th CIIE with localized new products to promote the high-quality development of
    China's biopharmaceutical industry.

    Bring localized new products to the Expo to help biomedicine achieve intelligent manufacturing and economies of scale

    This year, with the theme of "Making Biopharmaceutical Intelligent Factories Accessible", Cytiva showcased a series of advanced R&D and production equipment, automation and digital platforms, and intelligent service systems
    covering the whole product life cycle.
    In order to help local biomedicine accelerate intelligent transformation and achieve economies of scale, Cytiva has brought a number of localized new products and key products, including:

    • 50-2500L Xcellerex Disposable Liquid Bag--First in China, using Cytiva's global unified quality system standard, flexible application to the upstream and downstream production scenarios of biopharmaceuticals, meeting the customized product needs of local customers, and providing strong support
      for increasing production capacity.

    2500L Xcellerex single-use fluidic bag

    • Biacore8K's next-generation high-throughput, high-data-quality molecular interaction analysis system enables rapid screening and quality control
      of small molecule compounds and biologics.
      The monitoring and analytical technology used in the device has been FDA and EMA certified, and has been listed
      in the Chinese, American and Japanese pharmacopoeias.

    Biacore 8K

    During the 5th CIIE, Cytiva also held a signing ceremony
    with industry partners such as Zhien Biotechnology, Yuanqi Biotechnology, Heyuan Biotechnology, and Fucheng Biotechnology.
    Cytiva has always been committed to opening up a new situation of industrial innovation and high-quality development, making progress with China's biopharmaceutical industry, and constantly contributing to the development and production of transformative drugs and therapies, and striving to benefit patients
    in China and around the world.

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