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    Day after night! China's vaccine research and development to provide strong support for the fight against epidemic prevention and control

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Medicine Network June 11 - China's five have been approved to carry out clinical trials of the new coronavirus vaccine, is expected to complete the second phase of clinical trials in July this yearThis accounts for "half of the world's vaccines" in the clinical trial phase.
    Based on the scientific research foundation accumulated over the years, China's scientific and technological community concentrates on high-quality resources, race to seconds to carry out researchIn order to ensure that the safety and effectiveness, standards do not fall, to maximize the speed of vaccine research and development, for the national and global response to the new outbreak of pneumonia to provide a strong support. "The persistence of that year came in handy" "can induce the human body to produce a rapid immune response" - In May, the internationally renowned medical journal The Lancet published the results of the first phase of clinical trials of the recombinant adenovirus vector vaccine developed by Chen Wei's team.
    The results were positively evaluated by scientists from many countries.
    The vaccine was approved for Phase I clinical trials on March 16 and the second phase of clinical trials on April 12, the world's first new coronavirus vaccine to enter Phase II clinical trials.
    Behind the rapid attack, is the strength of scientific research to provide sufficient kinetic energy, as well as scientific research personnel day and night unremitting efforts.
    On January 26, the second day of the New Year, Chen Wei was ordered to lead a team to WuhanHer Institute of Military Medicine of the Military Academy of Sciences is an important strategic force in the research of epidemic prevention in China, and her scientific research achievements have been awarded the first national scientific and technological progress award in the field of medicine and health.
    Also just after Chinese New Year's Eve, Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.'s first scientific research team was stationed in the P3 laboratory to launch the development of a new coronavirus inactivated vaccine.
    The person in charge, Yan Weidong, has been involved in the research and development of SARS vaccine"The persistence of that year came in handy"The research team of Kexing Zhongwei quickly established a new virus seed bank, with the strong support of the CDC, Zhejiang CDC, military medical research institute, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China Food and Drug Inspection Research Institute and other units, vaccine research and development has been accelerating, and is currently conducting phase II clinical trials."
    Put safety in the first end of May, The National Pharmaceutical Group Of China Biological Beijing Institute of Biological Products, the workshop is about to be fully disinfected, ready to enter the production state.
    Negative pressure workshop, electronic control..Experts initially assessed that the workshop construction standards and quality level to meet the requirements of biosafety protection, the estimated annual production capacity of 100 million to 120 million doses.
    The history of Chinese biology of The National Pharmaceutical Group dates back more than 100 years Its annual production of more than 50 kinds of vaccines, the supply of more than 80% of China's national immunization program vaccine At present, two inactivated vaccines developed by SIN Group Inactivated Vaccines in China have entered Phase II clinical trials.
    It is understood that the National Pharmaceutical Group of China Biological on January 19 set up by the Ministry of Science and Technology "863" program vaccine project chief scientist Yang Xiaoming, the leading group of scientific research, quickly arranged 1 billion yuan of research and development funds, layout of three research institutes, in two technical routes to develop a new coronavirus vaccine.
    Around the vaccine research and development, the team day and night to fight, in respect for science, security premise, to minimize the development time.
    The White Paper "China Action against the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic" released by the Information Office of the State Council on the 7th pointed out that four inactivated vaccines and one adenovirus vector vaccine have been approved for clinical trials in China, and the overall progress of research and development is in line with that of foreign countries, with some technological progress in the international leading position.
    Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health And Sewelling Council, has previously said that the vaccine programs have vaccinated more than 2,500 volunteers and are conducting rigorous safety, effectiveness monitoring and evaluation, and no significant adverse reactions have been reported. "If all goes well, the above projects will be completed in July this year, Phase II clinical trials Zeng Yixin said.
    5 routes, adhere to open cooperation inactivated vaccine, recombinant protein vaccine, anti-virus vector vaccine, adenovirus vector vaccine, nucleic acid vaccine .. Since the outbreak, the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Research Team has set up a special vaccine research and development course, five technical routes, in order to improve the overall success rate of the research and development of the new coronavirus vaccine.
    Zeng Yixin said that several other technical routes of vaccine research and development is also smooth and orderly progress, it is expected that the vaccine will be approved into clinical trials.
    The vaccine must pass the level of animal testing before it can be used in human clinical trials To this end, Chinese scientists for the first time set up mouse, rhesus monkey and other animal models.
    Qin Chuan, a researcher at the Institute of Medical Experimental Animal sycinns of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said the earliest successful and identified animal models have broken through the technical bottleneck of vaccines from laboratory to clinical.
    Wu Yuanbin, Director of the Department of Social Development Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that the vaccine is a special product for healthy people, although it is an emergency project, or with special emphasis on scientific, procedural, in accordance with the basic premise of science, safety and effectiveness, according to the results of the third phase of clinical trials can be finalized to determine whether to use.
    Whether it is vaccine research and development, or future use, the concept of solidarity, cooperation and sharing throughout.
    In vaccine research and development, China actively advocates global cooperation At present, the five domestic vaccine research and development technology routes are open to the outside world, with multinational cooperation.
    In terms of vaccine use, China has solemnly announced to the world that China's new crown vaccine research and development and put into use will be used as a global public product, in order to achieve the vaccine in developing countries to make China's contribution to availability and affordability.
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