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    DCT plant-based high-end water-based coating joint laboratory was officially established in Zhejiang.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-30
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    With the development of social economy, home space as an important part of food and clothing, with people more and more close relationship, the speaker of the residents in the home decoration more and more high.

    the function of the home space began from commercial, artistic sense, to the resident's living experience, so that the concept of healthy, environmentally friendly life is increasingly rooted in people's hearts.

    the environmental protection upgrade of home products to become a vital step in the development of the home industry, to achieve environmental protection and health upgrade, in order to obtain the favor of consumers and social recognition.

    such a production and life concept and Tucson "to achieve people's yearning for a better home life" concept coincides with.

    based on this, recently, a special press conference held in Tucson Wood Co., Ltd., the special release of this conference is the home vertical industry chain of the three enterprises Royal DSM Group, Gentleman's Lan paint, Tucson wood industry has also become the main role, test water plant-based coatings in the field of home application research, for Chinese consumers to provide a friendly, environmentally friendly, biodegradable new environmental protection coatings. Why

    establish a joint laboratory for dCT plant-based high-end water-based coating? First we need to understand a concept: plant-based: all products come from plants, come from natural, no residues of hazardous chemicals from petroleum, can degrade, conducive to the sustainable development of the planet.

    for consumers to meet their low odor, environmental protection, health needs.

    water-based plant synths ® synthetic path uses renewable plant resources such as bark and other agricultural waste to replace the oil resources in the original coating, plant-based content of nearly 50%, while using green energy production, can reduce the carbon footprint by up to 34%.

    at the same time, in the protection of human health at the same time, but also with excellent durability and chemical resistance, to give wood the most natural protection.

    Plant Kitianne ® the underlying driving force of home product innovation for reducing the carbon footprint comes from the application of new materials, the maturation of new manufacturing processes, and the formation of new consumer demand.

    therefore, innovation needs to follow the objective law, from the user experience and demand, pay attention to the impact of construction process on the environment and builders, research and development of sustainable development of new technologies to consider the three dimensions.

    high-end custom home products usually have to meet the characteristics of three aspects, first, for consumers, to be able to meet the style, color, material, function, and safety and environmental protection needs;

    therefore, dare to use new materials, new technology to research and development and testing, to deeply feel the interaction between home products and consumers and resonance, in order to more understand consumers, understand consumers like the home.

    this deep interaction and innovation, only by virtue of the industry chain of an enterprise to complete independently is quite difficult, the need for an innovative cooperation model, it can bring a variety of market feedback mechanism to enhance the rationality of product development and development efficiency, such as the timely application of innovative materials under the new technology through mature processes to products, through The experience of the end consumer to verify the direction of research and development, timely improved production process and application process, match with new technology, timely collection of consumer preferences for innovative home products CMF design information, and constantly improve the type of coating effect and the range of coating color, so as to help designers develop more in line with the needs of the end of the product.

    based on this, a new type of co-production was born, "DCT plant-based high-end water-based coating joint laboratory" was established.

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