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    Do not engage in price reduction competition supplies with volume procurement is limited.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-22
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    Respect the laws of the market, not only low-cost choice1, local band procurement is restricted recently, Hebei Province Medical Insurance Bureau issued "Hebei Province Medical Security Bureau on further strengthening the centralized procurement work management and related issues" notice (hereinafter referred to as "Notice" requirements, the province's centralized procurement work for overall planning, to avoid centralized procurement work in the "local fight" "variety fight" problemin addition, according to the Information of China Merchants Network, recently the Shandong Provincial Health Insurance Bureau also issued the relevant "Shandong Provincial Medical Security Bureau on the regulation of municipal drugs and medical supplies joint procurement of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "Standard Notice") also limited the local volume of procurementrequires all localities not to carry out band procurement on a single city or county basis, and can be in accordance with the principle of voluntary, collaborative components cross-city procurement alliance, each alliance range of not less than 3 districts and citiesabout the above-mentioned "local fight" "variety fight" problem, a well-known domestic arms enterprises bidding business related to the saber blue equipment said, with the amount of procurement in the provinces and cities have been implemented, may appear in the same period a province, a number of cities on the same variety of supplies to carry out the purchase of the same amount of supplies, this situation may have three aspects of the problemfirst, a number of provincial and municipal program drafts are required to the lowest price of the national market (even including other provinces of the volume of procurement price) as a reference price for negotiations, contrary to the basic principle of volume-for-price, different regions of the procurement volume is not the same, prices should also be differentsecond, the procurement work of the local area is not standardized, the scheme and the rules are not transparent, the difference sexist regional scheme may lead to the winning bid results difficult to expandthird, multiple cities at the same time to carry out the same variety of belt procurement projects, but also increased the burden of enterprisesrecently issued in Shandong and Hebei to strengthen the centralized volume procurement of work norms, that is, from the provincial level to standardize the city alliance's belt procurement work, scientific guidance to the municipal formulation program and organization work in Shandong Province, the above-mentioned "standard notice" requires all areas of medical supplies centralized band procurement announcement, to purchase programs, procurement varieties in a timely manner with the provincial health insurance bureau price recruitment office communication, to avoid repeated procurement at the same timeHebei Province, the above-mentioned "notice" also requires, the city, provincial direct management county and other areas of medical supplies with the volume of procurement, price-limit procurement, etcneed to be reported in advance to the provincial medical security bureau for review2, do not engage in price reduction competition, not only low-cost selection in addition to standardizing local belt procurement, Hebei Province, the above-mentioned "notice" also clearly requires that the design of centralized procurement rules to be scientific and reasonable, respect market laws, do not engage in price reduction competition, not only low-cost selectionShandong Province's "code notice" also proposed that the market to insist on the price of the decision under the rules to produce the results of the election, not administrative intervention, not simply to price reduction evaluation resultsaccording to industry sources, the recent State Health Insurance Bureau in charge of the speech repeatedly referred to the "market discovery price", clear "belt procurement rules", the previous part of the provinces and cities to carry out the pilot exploration of the volume of procurement projects to regulate the unreasonablethe above-mentioned domestic well-known arms enterprises bidding business head of the Cypress blue equipment analysis, not only low-cost selection may have two reasons for supply and qualityfirst, if there are more competitive enterprises, the bargaining rules will be price as the main factor, then there may be enterprises in order to win the bid, may be lower than their own production costs of the price, procurement landing may be supplies supply and quality issuesin this regard, there have been regions in the document clearly require that enterprises should not be too low price On June 1, , Heilongjiang Medical Insurance Bureau issued the Measures for centralized procurement and price supervision and inspection of drugs and medical supplies in Heilongjiang Province (draft for comments) which showed that bidders participating in drug procurement bids may not bid on lower-cost bids, and may not bid by means of fraud, bid rigging or abuse of market dominance second, if only low-cost choice, there may be a small market share of the "barefoot" enterprises into the market, through sharp price cuts to compete with other large enterprises, if such enterprises may have two problems on the one hand is supply these "barefoot" enterprise production capacity is generally small, if at the same time go to other regions to bid, to ensure that the supply will be risky, and for such enterprises, a short period of time to significantly expand production capacity is almost impossible, hospitals will also face the phenomenon of supply of related supplies limits or even cut off supply on the other hand, it is a quality problem the clinical use of medical supplies is safety first, the effect is second, because medical supplies have no mature quality consistency evaluation method, so different manufacturers of product quality may be quite different some small business products market share is low, clinical use is not small, not mainstream products, if these products are successful, then doctors in the clinical use of relatively unfamiliar products, there may be a safety risk 3, the quality of the stratification directly affects the results of the winning bid in the standard centralized procurement behavior part, Hebei Province, the above-mentioned "notice" also requires that the product grouping should not be over-detailed, quality layering to be fair and just, not because of the interests of the rules, affect the final results it is understood that the quality layering in the volume procurement determines which enterprises' products are put together to compete, so it will directly affect the final results a well-known domestic arms enterprise bidding business related to the analysis of Cypress blue equipment, how to group or quality stratification is a key consideration of the issue, most of the supplies have not carried out quality consistency evaluation, although a small number of enterprises have done health economics evaluation (or health technology evaluation), is the enterprise products and some of the same mainstream products for comparison, will be affected by the maturity of the evaluation method therefore, some areas through clinical expert evaluation combined with procurement volume research and other ways, as a basis for judging the use of mainstream products clinical to avoid the phenomenon of bad currency expulsion such as the recent Qinghai Province Drug Procurement Center issued "on the public medical institutions infusion sourcing infusion procurement of comprehensive scoring standardinterpretation interpretation notice", product certification, quality testing report, product quality reliability, etc into the scoring standards, the corresponding score from 5 points to 10 points the National Organization Coronary Bracket Central Band Procurement Program (Draft for Comments) also shows that the quality standards, production capacity and so on to meet the requirements of participating enterprises, product price reduction rules also take product quality as one of the important considerations in addition to the quality of the stratification, Hebei Province, the above-mentioned "notice" also shows that product grouping should not be over-detailed the above-mentioned person in charge of the analysis said that the group ingestion should not be too fine to ensure full competition between enterprises, explore a reasonable market price because the grouping will directly lead to a reduction in the number of competitors within the group, the competition will not be sufficient will affect the final winning result, the price may not fall as much as expected." .
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