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    Domestic pharmaceutical filling equipment to take the road of internationalization, but also need to overcome difficulties

    • Last Update: 2022-11-26
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, some pharmaceutical people said on a forum that most of the current filling equipment is O-RABS (open restricted entry barrier system), many domestic filling equipment has filling interference operations, aseptic assembly, engineering design, unreasonable layout and other problems, and even open door operations are also many, if the future product is planned to be exported to Europe and the United States, it may be difficult to be accepted by European and American inspectors, because sterility management challenges are great

    This issue quickly aroused heated discussions in the medical circle, and some commentators bluntly said that imported equipment could be considered, but the corresponding cost would be much more expensive, such as "the old owner spent 100 million
    yuan on an imported filling line (ORABS).

    Domestic pharmaceutical filling equipment to take the road of internationalization, but also need to overcome difficulties (Image source: Pharmaceutical Network)
    In the pharmaceutical industry, filling equipment plays an important role, because the quality of filling directly affects the quality and output
    power of the entire production line.
    China's filling equipment industry started late, but after years of development, domestic filling technology has gradually matured, coupled with the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry in recent years, industry supervision has become more and more stringent, and the quality and safety requirements for drugs have also been continuously improved, forcing the filling equipment industry to accelerate transformation and upgrading

    At present, domestic filling equipment has gradually moved from semi-automatic to fully automatic and intelligent filling mode, the equipment is simple to operate, stable operation, high filling accuracy and fast speed, can basically meet the filling needs
    of domestic pharmaceutical factories.

    The degree of automation is a major factor
    for modern pharmaceutical companies to measure the level of filling equipment.
    "In the past, the semi-automatic filling machines were purchased and used, but now the fully automated filling production line developed on the market can achieve higher automation, from combination to capping including post-packaging can be fully automated, which is very in line with the needs of
    modern production.
    " At an exhibition in 2019, some purchasing staff said

    In order to meet the new requirements of users, domestic filling equipment enterprises continue to increase research and development, introduce technology and talents, and constantly achieve breakthroughs
    For example, at the Zzyzhan June Pharmaceutical Machine Gala hosted by the pharmaceutical network in June this year, many domestic filling equipment manufacturers brought the heavy filling equipment independently developed by the company to appear
    Among them, some pharmaceutical enterprises mentioned, "The company has hired experienced high-level talents of Shanghai Light Industry Design Institute for a long time to design and guide products, and has successively introduced excellent technology, constantly improved products, and strived to ensure that products match
    the needs of modern pharmaceutical production.
    " ”
    Another pharmaceutical manufacturer said that the company's filling equipment products can not only meet the needs of the domestic market, but also exported to Southeast Asia, the Far East, Africa and other countries and regions, and are well received
    by domestic and foreign merchants.

    It can be said that domestic filling equipment companies have made full achievements, but for domestic filling equipment manufacturers who want to take the road of internationalization, especially for domestic filling equipment manufacturers targeting the European and American markets, they still need to overcome difficulties

    Some industry said that the problems mentioned by the above pharmaceutical people are indeed a big challenge, most of the current domestic filling equipment is O-RABS, the design structure is unreasonable, the aseptic management is difficult, for the more strict supervision of Western developed countries, there are certain challenges
    to go out.

    In recent years, China's biomedical industry has developed rapidly, and more and more pharmaceutical companies have actively promoted domestic innovative drugs overseas
    Facing the future, domestic filling equipment enterprises may also need to learn more, actively absorb new technologies, continuously strengthen R&D investment, improve the level of independent innovation, create more high-end filling equipment, meet the higher requirements of pharmaceutical enterprises, and help the road to internationalization be

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