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    Don't let bad snacks harm the health of rural children.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-02
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    Original title: Don't let poor quality snacks harm the health of rural children
    Chinese A three-year study by the research team of the School of Agriculture and Rural Development of Min University found that poor quality snacks in rural children are very common and do not pay attention to snack hygiene. The research team selected 12 rural primary schools and 2 mobile children's primary schools in 6 provinces a total of more than 5000 samples for research, found that these snacks are produced in small workshops in villages and towns, and cottages and expired products in the majority, poor quality ice cream and beverage products are basically flavored by edible flavor, sweeteners, acid flavor, colors and other food additives, some snacks in the sodium content and bacteria exceed the standard, rural market children's snack quality safety situation is worrying.
    poor quality snacks are not nutritious and unsafe, why become the rural children's favorite food, the most common food to eat?
    on the one hand because of the low quality snacks cheap, generally five hairs, a dollar a pack. Rural children can get a lot of pocket money to buy snacks every day, most children's pocket money is less than 2 yuan, just within the scope of purchase. On the other hand, these snacks tend to capture the child's characteristics and make a spicy heavy taste to increase attractiveness. In addition, there are many children left behind in rural areas, and there is a general lack of adequate family supervision and education, poor food safety and nutrition awareness, poor ability to identify and self-averse risks.
    the safety of snacks for rural children should not be underestimated
    Take a 6-year-old child who eats a packet of sodium salt every day as an example, the intake of sodium salt is the recommended amount of 172.33 percent. Some children eat 3-4 packets of "spicy bars" a day, sodium intake can be imagined. Heavy-tasting snacks eat too much, but also affect the nutritional balance, often in the past easy to lead to malnutrition, and increase the risk of chronic diseases. In Chinese areas surveyed by the research team of the School of Agriculture and Rural Development of the University of Rural China, nearly 30 per cent of primary school pupils were malnourished and 46 per cent had suffered from unsoic snacks and tummy tucks.
    the potential threat of poor snacks to poor rural families should be taken more seriously. Human capital is the most important capital of a family, and good health has the possibility of getting out of poverty and getting rich. Poor families, however, generally have less ability to fight disease, and once the illness of their children due to poor quality snacks, coupled with limited family care, can be a serious blow to their health and the overall family situation.
    to solve the problem of rural children's snack safety, the most urgent task is to strengthen the supervision of the rural snack market. According to the survey, students mainly buy snacks at small supermarkets and small shops next to schools, or at bazaars and street stalls. And rural schools around the sale of snacks, poor quality snacks accounted for a considerable proportion of manufacturers address, telephone and other false information as high as 30%. Therefore, we should take a two-pronged effort to strengthen governance from the source of production and strengthen supervision from the sales market. Food and drug supervision, industry and commerce, education and other departments should work together to investigate and punish the sale of shoddy snacks specifically to students, and increase penalties.
    addition, nutrition and food safety education should be carried out to raise the awareness of rural children, including rural parents, about food safety and nutrition.
    , a famous educator, once said, "Education is the cultivation of habits." To encourage students to develop good eating habits from an early age, to realize that nutrition and food safety are related to their health, is essential for their future development, and is conducive to the fundamental eradication of the soil where inferior snacks exist.
    , it is recommended that the education department include dietary education in the catalogue of compulsory education subjects and carry out school education on nutrition and food safety for children. Give special class hours, train professional teachers, write dietary education materials, make meal education become the basic education in quality education, and promote food safety education to become a part of national education. Due to the large number of left-behind children lacking family education in rural areas, many intergenerated guardians have low levels of education, which makes it difficult to assume responsibility for food safety education. Therefore, school nutrition and food safety education in rural areas, especially in poor areas should be strengthened.
    , according to local conditions, dietary nutrition and food safety education embedded in the "rural compulsory education students nutrition improvement plan." The Nutrition Improvement Program for Rural Compulsory Education Students, which has been implemented since 2011, has benefited 36 million poor students and has greatly improved the nutritional and growth development and health status of poor students. Special projects could be set up in the Plan to allocate special funds for nutrition and food safety education, so that children receive nutritional assistance at the same time, access to dietary education, so as to achieve the effect of doing more with less.
    again, social welfare forces should be encouraged to participate, can be used to distribute popular science textbooks and animation cards, the production of animation videos, the organization of boarding students bed stories and other forms, to promote food safety education deep into the hearts of children.
    china is currently in the sprint stage of achieving a well-off society in an all-round way, and the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee has proposed to promote the construction of a "healthy China". Children are the future of the country, and their health is a necessary condition for a "healthy China". According to the data of the sixth national census, there are 140 million children under the age of 14 in rural areas of our country, and about 60 million children left behind. From this point of view, complement the rural children's snack safety board, it is worth all parties to make great efforts to promote.
    the potential threat of poor snacks to poor rural families should be paid more attention to. Human capital is the most important capital of a family, and good health has the possibility of getting out of poverty and getting rich. Poor families, however, generally have less ability to fight disease, and when poor snacking leads to illness, coupled with limited family conditions, it can be a serious blow to children's health and the overall family situation. (Chinese Peng Yara, School of Agriculture and Rural Development, University of The People's Republic of China)
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