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    DPP-4 sugar-lowering drug pattern turbulence: Liglitin first approved Vigretin into the new manufacturers.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-21
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    AuthorOn July 13, Linagliptin, a four-class generic drug from Guangdong East Sunshine Pharmaceuticals, and Vildagliptin, a four-class generic drug from Nanjing Sun Pharmaceuticals, were approved in China on the same day, bringing about great changes in the market pattern of DPP-4 inhibitors in Chinalet's take a look at itFigure I Linagliptin and Vildagliptin approved information (intercepted from the CDE website) the first concern is the first approval of four generic generic stakes of Guangdong East Sunshine Pharmaceuticals, co-developed by Boehringer Ingerheim and Lilly, is a highly selective, powerful DPP-4 inhibitor class oral anti-sugar drug used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes in combination with metformin or with metformin and sulfonatethe drug was approved for domestic market in April 2013 (commodity name: O'Donnell), the market has been occupied by Bollinger Ingham (China) Investment Co., Ltdapproval is the first generic drug in Our country, so it has received a lot of attentionLinagliptin learned from the National Drug Administration's Drug Review Center (CDE) that Bollinger Ingehan made two supplementary applications for Liglitin tablets this year, stone pharmaceutical group Oyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdfour generic drug applications have also been obtainedFigure III CDE's official website, Ligretin, followed by the Nanjing San he Pharmaceuticals' four-class generic villipdagtin tablet, developed by Novartis, is also a DPP-4 oral anti-sugar drug, used to reduce blood sugar in type II diabetes patients, the advantage is not easy to induce hypoglycemia, and the patient's weight has no effect2019, Vigretin's sales were nearly $1.3 billionthe drug was originally marketed in China in 2011 and used as a single drug to treat poor blood glucose control with metformin in combination with the treatment of type II diabetesin addition to the original research company Novartis, China's Haussen, Qilu, Beijing Ted three pharmaceutical companies of the Viglitin generic son has been approved for listing, Nanjing Sanhe Pharmaceuticals is the fourth approved listed manufacturersin addition, the author learned from the CDE official website, Tianjin Hanrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdand Shandong Phoenix Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd jointly applied for the Viglitin generic drug has also been accepted, it can be seen that the drug's future market competition will be very large , the Vildagliptin structure is currently available in our market, there are as many as five DPP-4s sold in china, including: Sitagliptin, Sagligliptin, Vildagliptin, Alogliptin benzoate, Ligliaptin after the first imitation of Liglitin was approved, these five DPP-4 sugar-lowering drugs are original research drugs and generic drugs in China's market sales this shows that the DPP-4 market is very competitive and increasing but industry insiders pointed out that the current five DPP-4 types of sugar-lowering drugs have entered China's health insurance catalog in 2017, the overall sales of the year-on-year surge, so that the enterprises with these drugs benefit a lot, so the new generic drugs into the market may not reduce the sales of related enterprises on the other hand, generic drugs on the market, will generally achieve a price reduction, from the point of view of treatment costs to benefit patients References: 1 CDE official website; Drugbank;3 。 .
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