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    "Dry goods" are ready, come to the video conference on April 15th to talk about solid and hazardous waste detection and identification technology

    • Last Update: 2022-04-15
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      [Pharmaceutical Network Conference Forum] Knock on the blackboard! From April 12th to 18th, the 2022 Sight Vision-Spring Exhibition will be officially launched.
    For seven days, the six exhibition halls will be visited non-stop!
    Watch products, watch tutorials, watch construction sites, here they are! If you want industry depth, there are also here! From 14:00-17:00 in the afternoon of April 15th, the webinar on solid and hazardous waste detection and identification technology will start on time! Environmental Protection Online, together with Shanghai Tongju Culture Communication Co.
    , Ltd.
    and Agilent, sincerely invites big names in the industry to communicate face-to-face, analyze the industry logic behind many hot topics such as hazardous waste identification, general solid and hazardous waste disposal and resource utilization, and help environmentalists to clarify the market context , Find out the new direction of development


       PS: The "speech + real-time interaction" mode is not only full of participation, but also answering questions and doubts, we are also serious

     (Click on the picture to grab the front row ↑↑) To ask why the popularity of solid hazardous waste has remained "high" in recent years, we have to learn from the "Implementation Plan for Strengthening Hazardous Waste Supervision and Utilization and Disposal Capacity Reform" issued by the State Council in 2021.
    Since then, the industry has called it "Ten Articles of Hazardous Waste"


    To a certain extent, it is also placed in the same position as the "ten air" and "water ten"

       The document finalized that by the end of 2022, the harmless disposal rate of medical waste in built-up areas of cities above the county level will reach more than 99%

    Regardless of the number of built-up areas in cities above the county level, is this 99% far from 100%? Further, the document not only mentions the target requirements, but also clarifies the entire process of hazardous waste treatment, from the regulatory mechanism, industrial development, emergency response system, risk prevention and control, to source control, process control, and basic guarantees

       Hazardous waste has attracted so much attention.
    Under the strategy of "dual carbon" and "circular economy", solid waste will not be left behind!
    Entries such as recycling and comprehensive utilization, waste incineration power generation, and construction waste recycling, which are not the clicks are rising


       Therefore, it is better to come early than coincidentally.
    Taking advantage of this wave of "solid waste heat", let's listen to the advice of industry experts first.


      The opening show "Solutions for Analysis of Organic Pollutants in the Identification of Hazardous Waste" was given by Dong Liang, a researcher at the National Environmental Analysis and Testing Center, aiming at the analysis of organic pollutants, starting from solutions, and further clarifying the key points of the process

       Immediately after that, Wang Yuanfei, a front-line application engineer of Agilent, took over the baton and gave a speech on "Analysis of Application Difficulties of Heavy Metal Analysis in Hazardous Waste Identification".
    Combined with practical experience, he conducted an in-depth discussion on the analysis of heavy metals


       Finally, "Standards and Technical Methods for the Identification of Hazardous Characteristics of Solid Waste", lectured by Lin Jian, an expert in identification of hazardous wastes in Shanghai, focused on the "List of Hazardous Wastes" (2021 Edition)" to explain the identification process, relevant standards and technical methods of solid and hazardous wastes in detail

       Break through the technical blocking points of solid and hazardous waste identification, conduct discussions based on the actual engineering environment, and seek high-quality development of the industry in the future! From 14:00-17:00 pm on April 15th, a large number of "dry goods" will be waiting for you in the live broadcast room~
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