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    Early punch May 9 10:00 live Skyrong technology invites you to talk about the atmosphere governance new way out

    • Last Update: 2020-05-08
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      Pharmaceutical Network Conference Forum: May 9 10:00-12:00, China Energy-saving Tianrong Technology will bring "multi-source fusion data service program" wonderful live broadcast   Sweep ingested two-dimensional code early lock Tianrong technology brought about by the live 2020 is the "13th Five-Year Plan" official year, but also to win the blue sky defense three-year action plan assessment node
    The "blue sky defense war" horn has been blown, the atmospheric governance battle is stable in the change Because of the differences in industrial structure, emission source composition and air pollution sources, there is a new proposition on the management path of interaction with the task of emission reduction The traditional equipment manufacturing, management process and application mode are faced with the need for comprehensive upgrading from technology to management under the new requirements Industry began from the "scale growth era" is to service integration, intelligent operation, professional operation, management fine development
    At the same time as the marketization continues to advance, the development mode of the waste gas treatment industry has undergone new changes, showing a new mode and form: "As the potential of end-of-life governance and emission reduction gradually narrows, it is necessary to implement differentiated governance, fine governance and dynamic governance in the future." "Combining big data with integrated, systematic services for cloud computing and other emerging segments is booming
    With this background, on May 9th, 10:00-12:00, China Energy Saving Tianrong Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Tianrong Technology") will be "multi-source fusion data service solution, to assist the regional atmospheric quality supervision" (click on the early lock live) as the title of the live webcast The live speaker was Liu Xu, master's degree in science and technology management in Tianrong
    This online conference focuses on the three major sectors of "Programme Summary", "Multi-source Environmental Monitoring Service" and "Case Study", and discusses in depth how to connect the new needs of government environmental monitoring with big data thinking from many angles and at multiple levels Specifically, set "empty world" integration, macro and micro-monitoring, human defense and technical control, conventional and scientific and technological means in one, multi-source fusion data service program aims to simultaneously achieve the clean up the source of pollution, analysis of pollution laws, find pollution causes, lock pollution "the culprit."
    For Tianrong Technology, which is committed to becoming an expert in intelligent environmental services, multi-source converged data services solutions are just one example of the innovation-driven, accelerated pace of transformation
    In the face of the increasingly demanding situation of air pollution prevention and control, Tianrong Science and Technology actively supports environmental management departments everywhere, builds an air-to-earth integrated, comprehensive lying environment monitoring network and environmental big data analysis capabilities, helps multi-regional analysis of pollution sources, supports pollution control, and resolutely fights to win the battle against air pollution prevention and control
    Adhering to the "human-based/innovation/harmony/country-reporting" management policy, Tianrong Technology is part of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd With the top-level platform and the bottom-level perception as the core, in recent years, Tianrong technology combined with "big data and Internet of Things" technology has created a comprehensive ecological environment monitoring solutions, environmental monitoring system integration, environmental monitoring equipment research and development and production, third-party detection services and other full-process services So far, Tianrong Technology has been among the members of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, the social environmental monitoring and operation of the professional committee of the deputy director of the unit, selected in the national energy-saving service company directory
    Also on this basis, Tianrong technology brought by the "multi-source fusion data service program, help regional atmospheric quality supervision" live broadcast will be a high-level, innovative ideological feast in the field of environmental monitoring, so that participants to obtain new ideas, broaden new horizons, will further promote China's waste gas control industry scientific and technological innovation
    For more highlights and areas of application of the program, please lock in tomorrow morning 10 am by Tianrong Technology brought wonderful live broadcast  
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