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    Eastman presented the 2016 China International Coatings Show with the latest solutions

    • Last Update: 2021-01-06
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    Eastman, the world's leading specialty chemicals company, will present the 2016 China International Coatings Expo in Guangzhou from November 30 to December 2. At the show, Eastman showcased a wide range of advanced technologies and product portfolios with the theme of "Innovation, Not Just Shape". Eastman's booth number is: 10.2A07-12.
    coatings make our products more colorful, we make coatings more reliable!
    has been in the paint industry for more than 70 years and has an extremely diverse product portfolio. As a proven and reliable supplier, Eastman has never stopped pioneering and innovating. At this year's Coatings Show, Eastman will showcase its latest solutions for automotive and architectural coatings to meet the different needs of our customers. These options include Eastman Tetrashield? Protective Resin System, Eastman Optifilm? Enhancers 400 (OE400) film-forming additives, as well as Eastman Advantex?, Eastman Vantex?-T amines, etc.
    Eastman Tetrashield? protective resin system is designed to improve coating performance for automotive suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through high-solid, low-solvent systems, reduce environmental pollution and optimize coating processes. This innovative system improves the glassing temperature while maintaining excellent solubility. Paint formulations with Eastman Tetrashield? protective resin systems are superior in weather and scratch resistance compared to conventional formulations.
    In addition, formulations containing Eastman Tetrashield? protective resin systems are also performing well in terms of environmental sustainability, resulting in a 10%-15% reduction in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions compared to multi-coated formulation systems, thanks to high solid content, increased productivity and reduced coatings.
    Eastman Optifilm? The Enhancer400 (OE400) is a low-odor film-forming aid that dissolves with a variety of lotions and does not produce VOC. The OE400 is suitable for all types of architectural coatings. It can also be used as the only film-forming additive for products such as low odor, or very low VOC interior wall flat coatings, and is easy to operate during the production process.
    acquisition of Tyminco brings new products to Eastman. In the field of coating additives, the addition of amines and additives enriches Eastman's portfolio. Eastman Advantex? is a versatile amine neutralizer that reduces the odor of architectural coatings while providing superior color display, emulsion stability and moisture resistance. Eastman Vantex?-T is an ultra-low vapor pressure, versatile schoamine additive that helps formulaters develop high-quality, environmentally friendly coatings with lower odors and lower VOCs.
    Asman is a leading supplier to the coatings industry and is committed to creating real value for our customers," said Lu Xiaochao, Asia Pacific Business Director, Eastman Coatings and Ink. Thanks to our strong research and development capabilities and reliable supply management, Eastman is proactively prepared to provide our customers with effective and sustainable solutions to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and increasing customer needs.
    Join hands with industry opinion leaders to drive market development
    As an important member of China's coatings industry, Eastman held various events on November 29th, the day before the paint show, to fulfill his strong commitment to the local market.
    to reduce VOC emissions, in line with the latest industry norms, is a major trend in the coatings industry. Eastman held a workshop on innovative technologies for automotive paint repair, inviting experts and industry opinion leaders in the field of relevant policies and regulations to interpret the latest policy standards and discuss market trends for coating formulation companies and OEMs. Eastman also has a response to the challenges of VOC emissions. Eastman specialty ketone solvent products have high solubility and low density properties. Low density means that coatings contain fewer solvents, resulting in lower VOC emissions.
    In addition to holding a workshop on paint repair technology for the automotive industry, Eastman also organized a technical seminar at the 2016 China Coatings Industry Summit hosted by, especially for small and medium-sized formulation manufacturers in China, to share the company's latest research and development achievements in the field of architectural coatings.
    " Eastman has been doing everything we can to promote the development of China's paint market. We always work closely with stakeholders in the value chain to meet the requirements of emerging policies and regulations and to create a healthy coatings industry. Lu added.
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