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    Eight ministries and commissions report on the rectification of illegal medical advertisements: strictly prevent rebound

    • Last Update: 2013-09-13
    • Source: Internet
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    2013-09-13 source: in recent years, Xinhua news agency has repeatedly banned false and illegal medical advertisements, repeatedly investigated and violated them, reported and complained by the masses, and strongly reflected by the society Therefore, since this year, eight departments including the State Administration of industry and Commerce have launched special actions to punish false and illegal medical advertisements At present, the special action has achieved phased results Eight departments said that in order to prevent the rebound of illegal advertising, they will continue to maintain a high-pressure situation, and study and formulate both symptoms and treatment measures In April this year, eight departments, including the State Administration for Industry and commerce, launched a special campaign to punish false and illegal medical advertisements All departments in all regions cooperated closely and cooperated with each other to strengthen comprehensive treatment and ensure the effectiveness of the campaign The State Administration for Industry and commerce, as the leading unit, has stepped up advertising monitoring and investigation During the campaign, the industrial and commercial organs at all levels monitored and inspected tens of millions of advertisements, ordered 130000 rectification, investigated and dealt with nearly 7000 cases, confiscated more than 60 million yuan, and stopped the advertising business of 213 illegal subjects The Propaganda Department of the Central Committee has uniformly deployed the main media of the Central Committee to set up relevant special columns, in-depth reporting on the measures taken and the results achieved by various departments around the country, creating a good atmosphere of public opinion for the rectification work The new office coordinated relevant departments to delete false and illegal medical advertisements and information on the Internet in time, further purifying the network environment The Ministry of industry and information technology shut down more than 310 websites containing false and illegal medical advertisements, effectively curbing the spread of false and illegal medical advertisements on the Internet The health and Family Planning Commission gave warning, ordered rectification within a time limit, closed down for rectification, checked and reduced the subjects of diagnosis and treatment, and revoked the practice license of medical institutions to more than 1100 medical institutions that published illegal medical advertisements The State Administration of press, publication, radio, film and television monitored and watched more than 200 radio and television frequency channels, centrally cleaned up more than 500 advertisements of illegal and illegal medical feature films, and dealt with the relevant broadcasting institutions with rectification within a time limit, warning, admonition and conversation The State Food and drug administration has exposed 30 products involved in illegal advertising and 27 illegal pharmaceutical websites, and has warned 32 pharmaceutical enterprises The administration of traditional Chinese medicine has deployed local administrative departments of traditional Chinese medicine to focus on investigating and punishing 19 medical institutions in serious violation of laws and regulations, and urged local governments to establish and improve the approval and publicity system for medical advertisements of traditional Chinese medicine "After three months of special actions, the rectification of medical advertisements has achieved phased results." Zhang Guohua, director of the advertising supervision department of the State Administration of industry and commerce, said According to the monitoring of the industry and Commerce Department, since the special action, the illegal rate of advertising in the whole country has dropped significantly, and the number of illegal medical advertisements has decreased significantly At present, there are few advertisements of illegal medical feature films on Provincial TV stations, and the illegal rate of local advertisements has also dropped significantly, for example, the number of illegal medical advertisements in Jiangxi Province has dropped by 90% At the same time, some media take the initiative to reduce the number of medical advertisements, adjust the advertising structure, change the advertising management mode, increase the number of public service advertisements, and improve the brand influence and social credibility of mass media "By carrying out special actions, advertisers and advertising media have realized the harm of false and illegal medical advertisements, further enhanced their sense of social responsibility and self-discipline, and actively refused to do or publish illegal medical advertisements The number of people's complaints about advertisements has been significantly reduced, and the rectification work has been widely recognized by the society." Zhang Guohua said In addition, in promoting the special rectification work, all departments in various regions have also continuously innovated regulatory system measures and actively explored the establishment of a long-term mechanism For example, Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province has incorporated the media advertising credit index into the performance appraisal of government departments, and Foshan in Guangdong Province has incorporated the management of major media advertising into the target management responsibility system of news publicity In recent years, various departments around the country have carried out relevant special rectification actions for many times, but false and illegal medical advertisements have been banned repeatedly In the special action, it was also found that some media, especially newspapers for the elderly, abstracts and radio and television newspapers, were still publishing some illegal medical advertisements, and some of them were once down and rebounded recently In this regard, Zhang Guohua said that this special action is the largest and most effective advertising campaign in the past years, but it must be clearly seen that, due to the obstinacy and repeatability of illegal advertising activities, and the current media management system is not scientific enough, it is impossible to finish the work of rectifying false and illegal advertising He pointed out that in terms of supervision, at present, the crackdown on false and illegal medical advertisements is not enough, resulting in lower illegal costs and higher illegal gains From the media point of view, driven by economic interests, there is still an impulse to generate income by publishing and broadcasting a large number of false and illegal medical advertisements "We should resolutely overcome the ideology of laxity and paralysis, further strengthen and improve measures to combat and rectify, constantly consolidate and deepen the achievements of special actions, and strictly prevent the rebound of illegal pharmaceutical advertising activities." Zhang Guohua said The reporter learned from the State Administration of industry and commerce that in the next step, the eight departments will continue to play the role of the inter ministerial joint meeting mechanism for rectifying false and illegal advertisements, strengthen the daily monitoring and inspection of advertisements, and increase the efforts to crack down on illegal medical advertisements in the advertising media and Internet media below the city level; at the same time, research and formulate both symptoms and treatment measures to promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism  
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