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    Empowering China, looking at the world - EVIDENT's first batch of domestic research-grade microscopes officially shipped

    • Last Update: 2022-12-30
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    50 years ago, Olympus Science entered China with the Olympus Group and has been deeply engaged in the Chinese market with one of
    Thirty-two years ago, Olympus Group opened China's first factory
    in Guangzhou, China, as a imaging business.
    In April, Evident was established and Olympus Science set sail under a new name to operate
    In August, Olympus Group's Guangzhou factory was renamed Evident Guangzhou, and production started at the new site in Panyu, mainly engaged in microscope and component manufacturing, objective lens manufacturing and spectrometer maintenance, etc.
    , providing Chinese customers with R&D, manufacturing and customized services with the heart of craftsmen, and further empowering the Chinese local market
    by internally driving the development of the industrial chain.
    By applying Japan's lean manufacturing (TPS) methods and manufacturing innovation activities, Evident Guangzhou Plant aims to become a model factory
    with the world's advanced manufacturing level.


    New location of Evident's Guangzhou plant


    Made in China,

    Go global


    China is a key market for Evident's growth and an important pillar
    for Evident to embark on its new identity as it seeks to accelerate innovation.
    On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of entering the Chinese market, and in October 2022, after obtaining NMPA certification, the first batch of domestic research-grade microscopes was successfully shipped


    Shipment ceremony of the BX3 series of research microscopes


    Along with the first batch of domestic research-grade microscopes to the market, there is also Evident's confidence in Made in China and its vision
    to send high-quality products made in China to the world.


    unity and efficiency,

    A corporate culture that pursues speed and efficiency


    Evident's Guangzhou factory has a history of 32 years, and through continuous transformation and innovation, it has finally forged a team of manufacturing talents who are committed and strive for excellence, as well as a united and efficient corporate culture


    So far, Evident Guangzhou Factory has been based on microscopes as its core business, mainly covering 17 microscope ontology manufacturing (annual shipment of 70,000 units), 45 kinds of microscope components manufacturing (annual shipment of 60,000 units), 58 kinds of objective lens manufacturing (annual shipment of 95,000 pieces), and covering 1,300 kinds of parts sales, 5 types of spectrometer maintenance (annual maintenance capacity of more than 400 units) and other businesses



    sustainable development

    Empowering China



    As the former Olympus Science Division, Evident regards sustainable development as its own responsibility, and leads by example by building low-carbon production and energy-saving recycling, guiding employees to actively participate in environmental protection and public welfare undertakings, and actively practicing the concept
    of sustainability.



    At the same time, Evident will continue to fulfill its long-term commitment to the Chinese market, provide more cutting-edge optical products and services in the life science and industrial fields for the Chinese market, and contribute to
    the Chinese people's peace of mind and healthy life.


    Evident China CEO Bang Hong


    Nikohiro Izumi, CEO of Evident China, said, "Evident will continue to move forward on the road of exploration and innovation, and bring cutting-edge product technology and high-quality service support
    to the Chinese market and customers through continuous transformation and innovation.
    Evident's business model is shifting from a focus on selling products to one focused on solving customer problems and challenges, evolving from a product manufacturer to a partner that optimizes business process efficiency and delivers high-quality products and services
    to customers.
    At the same time, Evident will expand its digital technology solutions, including cloud technology, to improve the overall workflow in research and inspection, enhance the customer experience, and meet the needs of customers to update and iterate
    In the future, Evident will also uphold the consistent spirit of R&D innovation, and use the manufacturing platform of Evident Guangzhou factory to work with Chinese partners to provide more localized and customized cutting-edge products and services to meet the needs of Chinese customers, and meet the needs
    of multi-field update and iteration.




    Yijingtong Optical Technology (Guangzhou) Co.
    , Ltd.
    is a microscope manufacturing factory of Evident located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, which is a key foreign-funded enterprise in Guangzhou, and has obtained ISO9001, ISO13485 medical quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, "Panyu District A grade medical device manufacturer", "Customs AEO advanced certification enterprise", "Guangzhou labor relations harmonious enterprise AA level", "Guangdong Province tax credit A grade enterprise" and other certifications
    。 Evident is committed to building a model company with manufacturing as the axis, utilizing an elite talent team, building an agile organization that can mobilize all employees, and is committed to innovation, rapid and efficient response to customer needs

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