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    Empowering the Ecology, A "Healthy" Companion The hiking camp project initiated by Merck was officially launched

    • Last Update: 2022-11-15
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    Merck joined hands with two famous universities in China to launch the hiking camp project

    SHANGHAI, Nov.
    6, 2022
    /PRNewswire/ -- Initiated by Merck China (Merck & Co.
    in Lowe, New Jersey, USA), with professional academic support from the Center for International Communication Research of Tsinghua University and the Global Health Research Center of Duke Kunshan University, the first media project in China jointly established by a company and two universities to focus on hot topics in public health and provide scientific, professional and diversified health science knowledge for a long time——" "Walking Camp" was officially launched
    at the 5th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Expo") in 2022.
    Anna Tian, Global Senior Vice President and President of Merck, Professor Li Xiguang, Director of the Center for International Communication Research at Tsinghua University, and Professor Liu Yunguo, Co-Director of Global Health at Duke Kunshan University, witnessed this important moment
    with journalists from more than a dozen mainstream media across the country.

    After experiencing the impact of the new crown, the public's awareness of maintaining their own health has been continuously improved, and the demand for obtaining scientific, authoritative and practical health science knowledge has increased day by day
    In order to promote health education and increase the supply of popular science knowledge, the hiking camp came into being

    Anna Tian, Global Senior Vice President and President of Merck China, shared at the launch ceremony: "For many years, Merck has always put patients first, faced the challenges of intractable diseases, and is committed to bringing innovative drugs, vaccines and services to China
    as quickly as possible.
    We are always concerned about health literacy and health literacy to improve health outcomes
    Relying on the professional academic capabilities and resources of the two universities, the camp focuses on the goal of improving the health literacy level of the whole people, takes communication as the link, links the latest digital technology, and works together with production, academia and media to jointly build a health communication ecosystem, create scientific and authoritative health knowledge and popular science products, and strive to meet the diversified health needs of
    Chinese residents.

    Anna Tian delivered a speech

    "The theoretical research and practice of health communication has always been the main direction of the International Communication Research Center of Tsinghua University since its establishment," Professor Li Xiguang, Director of the International Communication Research Center of Tsinghua University, said in his speech: "As one of the academic supporters of the camp, we regularly invite professional researchers to conduct in-depth interpretation and analysis of key and hot topics in the field of public health, provide media practitioners with detailed and practical public health knowledge, and help the media produce high-quality health news reports
    " 。 In the future, we hope that more experts, universities and enterprises will join us, strengthen the influence and credibility of the camp, and work together to build a healthy communication ecosystem for healthy development

    "We are pleased to be working with Merck to launch the 'Hiking Camp' program, which is a great attempt in China," said
    Professor Liu Yunguo, co-director of global health at Duke Kunshan University 。 As one of the professional academic supporters of the camp, the center will continue to integrate global high-quality academic resources, keep up with the latest research results around the world, expand the breadth and depth of science popularization sharing of the camp, gather multiple forces, create a new health science environment, and promote global health equity

    Scientific popularization of health knowledge is conducive to improving residents' self-health management ability and health level, which is one of the key tasks to achieve the goal of
    "Healthy China".
    Giving full play to the advantages of enterprises, academic research and media cooperation, the camp uses its profession to shoulder the important task of disseminating health knowledge and optimizing the communication environment, interpreting the changes and development of current popular public health policies, in-depth knowledge of popular science and diseases, tracking the development and application of health science and technology, and working together to create a more professional, scientific and convenient health information acquisition platform for media practitioners to improve public health literacy and protect public health

    Launch ceremony

    In the roundtable discussion, Anna Tian, President of Merck China, Su Jing, Research Director of the Center for International Communication at Tsinghua University, Dr.
    Liang Fan, Assistant Professor of Media at Duke Kunshan University, and Dr.
    Meifang Chen, Assistant Professor of Health Policy, had an in-depth dialogue
    on the theme of "Building a Health Communication Ecosystem with Multiple Parties to Help Improve Public Health Literacy".

    "Scientific and professional health communication is conducive to improving public health awareness and cultivating a healthy lifestyle, which is of positive significance for improving the health level of the whole society," Tian Anna said, "Science and health have no borders, which is the starting point and foothold of the hiking camp project, which is in line
    with Merck China's strategy of 'Bright Future' and 'Healthy China'.
    " We will continue to actively assume our corporate responsibility to improve public health literacy, expand the accessibility of health science knowledge, protect the health of patients and the public, and help accelerate the realization of the ambitious goals
    of 'Healthy China'.
    " "


    About the Center for International Communication Research, Tsinghua University

    In 1999, under the initiative of Mr.
    Wang Daohan and President Wang Dazhong, the University Council of Tsinghua University officially approved the establishment of the International Communication Research Center
    of Tsinghua University.
    Over the past 20 years, the center has accumulated profound scientific research strength and practical experience in the fields of global communication, health communication, health advocacy and health promotion, and formed a research framework
    for multilateral interaction between policy, academia and media.
    The center plays a leading role in the field of health communication in China, and the annual China Health Communication Conference has been successfully held for 16 sessions so far, building a platform
    for exchanges from all walks of life.
    In addition, the center has presided over more than 200 public health projects
    entrusted by the National Health Commission, the State Food and Drug Administration, and the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
    The center has also made outstanding contributions to media training and social advocacy, jointly held more than 100 health reporting seminars with the State Council HIV/AIDS Prevention Committee, the National Health Commission, the State Food and Drug Administration, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other institutions, and trained 20,000 media editors-in-chief, producers and health industry reporters and editors
    for China.
    Over the past ten years, the main researchers of the center have published more than 500 papers and more than 50 monographs in core academic journals
    at home and abroad.

    About the Center for Global Health Research at Duke Kunshan University

    Duke Kunshan University is a non-profit U.
    -China joint venture founded
    by Duke University in the United States and Wuhan University in China.
    In 2013, Duke Kunshan University and the Duke University Institute for Global Health jointly established the Duke Kunshan University Global Health Research Center to develop informed policies and innovative approaches to address health challenges through high-quality research, with a mission
    to improve health in China and the world, and to eliminate health disparities in China and the world and improve the health of all people.
    Using an interdisciplinary approach, collaborate effectively with partners on five research project directions: health policy and systems, environmental health, chronic noncommunicable diseases, One Health, healthy ageing and longevity
    The center has published about 500 papers in core journals in the industry, has been recognized globally for the quality of teaching and research, and has worked closely with many institutions including the World Health Organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Science Foundation of the United States, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China to explore the road
    to public health.

    About Merck China

    At Merck & Co.
    , Inc.
    in Lowe, New Jersey, USA, we work together in pursuit of a common goal: we harness the power of cutting-edge science to save and improve lives
    around the world.
    For more than 130 years, we have brought hope
    to all humanity through the development of vital medicines and vaccines.
    We strive to be the leading research-intensive biopharmaceutical company – and today we are on the front lines of R&D to deliver innovative solutions to advance the prevention and treatment
    of human and animal diseases.
    We have built a diverse, inclusive global workforce that operates responsibly every day to ensure a safe, sustainable and healthy future
    for all people and communities.

    China is a vital part of
    Merck's global growth strategy.
    Merck China is headquartered in Shanghai, with R&D centers in Beijing and factories in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Tianjin, integrating R&D, manufacturing and commercial operations
    We are committed to providing high-quality, innovative medicines, vaccines and services to the Chinese public for the benefit of Chinese society
    For more information, please visit the www.
    cn of Merck China official website, or subscribe to MSD_China
    of Merck China's official WeChat.

    Merck's forward-looking statements

    Merck is a trade name of Merck & Co.
    in Lowe, New Jersey, USA (the "Company").

    This press release contains "forward-looking statements"
    made pursuant to the security provisions of the U.
    Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
    The content of this article is based on the current views and expectations of the Company's management and is subject to significant risks and uncertainties that may arise
    Merck does not guarantee that the products under development will receive the required regulatory approvals or achieve commercial success
    If such assumptions differ from reality, are subject to risks or are subject to uncertainty, actual results may differ materially from
    those anticipated in the forward-looking statements.

    Risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, general industry conditions and competition, general economic factors (including interest rates and exchange rate fluctuations), the impact of pharmaceutical industry regulation and medical policies in the United States and other countries, global trends in controlling healthcare costs, technological developments, new products and patents obtained by competitors, challenges inherent in new product development (including obtaining regulatory approvals), Merck's ability to make accurate predictions of future market conditions, difficulties or delays in production, Instability and sovereign risk in international economic and financial conditions, reliance on the effectiveness of Merck's patents and other innovative product protections, and the risk
    of patent litigation and/or regulatory action by the Company.

    Merck undertakes no obligation to publicly update
    any forward-looking statements as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.
    Other factors may cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements, as described in Merck's 2021 Annual Report 10-K and other documents filed with the U.
    Stock Exchange (available on the www.
    gov of the U.
    Stock Exchange website).


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