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    Evonik expands the SPHERILEX® product range with the launch of a new silica for ultra-matte wood coatings

    • Last Update: 2023-02-02
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    • Gives architectural and wood paints an ultra-matt or mercerized effect

    • Improve the mechanical properties of waterborne coatings

    • Suitable for a wide range of formulation systems

    Tentatively named "Spherical Silica EXP 0002-1", this product is characterized by its extremely small particle size and is suitable for architectural coatings as well as waterborne ultra-matt and mercerized wood coatings

    For wood surfaces, natural rendering and product sustainability are a common trend: customers want parquet floors, kitchen countertops or furniture to feel smooth and aesthetically pleasing, to show the fine grain of wood without any glossy effects, and to have surfaces that are durable and resistant to mechanical stress

    Marc Trageser, Marketing Manager EMEA for Evonik's Coating Additives business unit, says: "As the customer needs indicate, wood coatings need to provide optimal surface protection while providing a natural effect

    Ultrafine particles

    Evonik's new silica product EXP 0002-1 improves the scratch and abrasion resistance of coatings and thus extends the durability
    of coatings.
    The product also gives the finished product a matte or mercerized appearance to meet the aesthetic requirements
    of the customer.

    "When combined with conventional matting powders, EXP 0002-1 acts as a matting synergist, avoiding fogging on the coating surface and showing a natural aesthetic
    " Trageser added

    EXP 0002-1 has an ultra-fine spherical structure
    By dispersing mechanical forces, this product helps maintain a uniform matte appearance on the coated wood surface while preventing scratches
    EXP 0002-1 is suitable for architectural coatings and waterborne wood coatings

    Compatible with a wide range of coating systems

    Another feature of the EXP 0002-1 is its ease of operation and flexibility for a wide range of formulation systems

    Since the product has a minimal effect on the viscosity of the formulation, foam stabilization can be avoided even when used in formulations with high filler content

    EXP 0002-1 can be combined with many other additives, fillers and resin systems, greatly increasing the range of
    applications for this new product.

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