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    Evonik presents TEGO® Powder Aid D01, a new multifunctional additive for powder coatings

    • Last Update: 2023-02-03
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    • TEGO®Powder Aid D01 reduces the melt viscosity of powder coating formulations

    • Helps powder coatings improve the gloss and freshness of the paint film

    • Versatile for high PVC (Pigment Volume Concentration) systems

    Evonik presents TEGO®Powder Aid D01
    , a new multifunctional polymer additive for powder coating formulations.
    This product makes formulations more dispersible during extrusion, promotes pigment wetting and effectively reduces melt viscosity

    TEGO®Powder Aid D01 has a low melt tack, which promotes degassing, aids flow and leveling of the formulation as it cures, and prevents pinholes
    in the coating.
    As a result, the new additive improves the gloss of the coating and ensures a higher freshness (DOI)
    on the coated surface.

    Versatile effects

    Another significant advantage of TEGO®Powder Aid D01 is its wide range of applications for the formulation
    of inorganic fillers and inorganic pigments as well as organic pigments such as carbon black.

    Maximilian Morin, Head of Marketing for Industrial and Transportation Coatings in the Coatings Additives business line at Evonik, says: "Formulators often need a versatile additive for a wide range of powder coating systems, and this new product from Evonik meets this need
    TEGO®Powder Aid D01 produces significant results in very small amounts and works synergistically with other additives

    Reduced melt viscosity

    Powder coatings for HAA curing systems generate water as a by-product during the curing process: during crosslinking, water molecules escape from the system, resulting in pinholes or shrinkage holes in the film
    This is a major problem
    for HAA system powder coatings.
    The low melt viscosity helps to improve the dispersion uniformity of the various raw materials in the coating and improve the leveling of the film-forming surface, thus avoiding this situation
    TEGO®Powder Aid D01 prevents pinholes by increasing the degassing limit value, even with
    thicker films.

    Durable and recoatable

    Powder coatings with TEGO®Powder Aid D01 are also weather-resistant, suitable for outdoor applications and do not yellowing due to high-temperature baking
    The new additive also does not contain surface-active waxes and therefore has good recoating properties

    A new addition to Evonik's coating additives portfolio, TEGO®Powder Aid D01 can be added to the extrusion stage of powder coatings to significantly optimize powder coating formulations

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