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    Explosion-proof weather station - an explosion-proof weather station for prevention and control facilities (News/Points)

    • Last Update: 2022-09-21
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    Explosion-proof weather station - a prevention and control facilities anti-explosion weather station (news / points) Shandong Jingdao photoelectric manufacturers

    At the current stage of China's agricultural development, governments at all levels can use financial subsidies to support agricultural development, through the construction of meteorological disaster prevention and control facilities, can achieve real-time synchronization of agricultural production and disaster prevention information, and promote China's agricultural development

    JD-CQXG type explosion-proof weather station is an integrated weather station developed and produced by Jingdao Optoelectronics Company according to market demand, for chemical plants, oil depots and other special places

    It integrates data acquisition, storage, communication and display, and displays data
    directly on the explosion-proof screen through wired communication.

    This explosion-proof weather station adopts the design concept of high protection level such as anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, waterproof, earthquakeproof, and dustproof, which can meet the needs of chemical plants, oil depots, tunnels, mines and other scenarios

    Second, product features 1, the top cover hidden ultrasonic probe, to avoid the interference of rain and snow accumulation, to avoid natural wind occlusion (practical new model ZL 2020 2 3215713.
    X) ☆ 2, the principle is to transmit a continuous frequency conversion ultrasonic signal, by measuring the relative phase to detect the wind speed and wind direction (invention number ZL 2021 1 0237536.
    5) ☆ 3, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure five elements of the integrated sensor (practical new model ZL 2020).
    2 3215649.
    5)☆ 4, RS232 transmitted to the explosion-proof screen, the inner screen size is 1 m * 0.
    5 m, made of 9 P10 unit board spliced together III.
    Technical parameters 1) Wind speed: 0 ~ 60 m / s (±0.
    1 m / s) ;( Invention number ZL 2021 1 0237536.
    5) 2) Wind direction: 0 ~ 360 ° (± 2 °) ;( invention number ZL 2021 1 0237536.
    5) 3) Air temperature: -40 °C ~ 85 °C (±0.
    3 °C) ;( Beijing Meteorological Bureau Calibration Certificate) 4) Air Humidity: 0~100%RH (±3%RH) ;(Beijing Meteorological Bureau Calibration Certificate) 5) Atmospheric Pressure: 300-1100hpa (±0.
    25%) ;( Beijing Meteorological Bureau Calibration Certificate) 6) Stand-alone data storage: not less than 500,000; 7) Power consumption: 202W 8 production enterprises have ISO quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health management system certification 9) production enterprises have intellectual property management system certification certificate and computer software registration certificate 10) production enterprises have Ex ia IIC T4 Ga high-grade explosion-proof certificate 11) equipment through GB3836.
    1-2010 Explosive atmospheres Part I: General requirements for equipment 12) Equipment through GB3836.
    4-2010 Explosive atmospheres Part 4: Protection of equipment by intrinsically safe type "i'"
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