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    Factors affecting the kneading effect of the kneader

    • Last Update: 2022-09-07
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    Factors affecting the kneading effect of the kneader The kneader is mainly suitable for silicone rubber, neutral acid glass glue, bubble gum, chewing gum, cellulose, pulp, and can also be used for batteries, dyes, pigments, inks, resins, rubber, plastics, medicine, Cosmetics and other industries, however, during the production process of the kneader, there will also be various operational problems.
    For example, during the operation of the kneader, what are the factors that affect the kneading effect of the kneader? 1.
    Material Characteristics (adhesion, particle size, density, shape, fluidity, surface roughness, moisture content and caking tendency, etc.
    ) 1.
    When kneading particles of uniform size, the denser ones will tend to the bottom of the kneader

    When the densities are similar, the bottom of the directional device is small and approximately spherical in shape

    The larger the viscosity, the higher the temperature, and the easier it is to agglomerate or agglomerate, and it is not easy to be uniformly dispersed

    The discharging method of the kneading equipment: 1.
    Bottom discharging ball valve 2.
    Hydraulic turning cylinder discharging 3.
    Screw extrusion discharging The loading amount of the material in the container: 1.
    Too little, the productivity is lower, generally 30%--50% is appropriate

    Too much, and there will be little space for kneading

    The rotating speed of the stirring paddle of the kneader: kneaders of different specifications have different stirring paddle speeds, so the kneading effect and working efficiency are also different

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