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    Field Automatic Weather Station - A meteorological equipment for monitoring changes in the meteorological environment in the field

    • Last Update: 2022-10-13
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    Field automatic weather station - a field monitoring of meteorological environment changes of meteorological equipment JD-QC8, Shandong Jingdao manufacturers introduced, agricultural production and operation is directly affected by climate change; Thereinto; The occurrence of meteorological disasters seriously affects the quality and quantity of agricultural production.
    So; In order to continuously improve the resilience of the agricultural industry to meteorological disasters; Reduce losses in the course of agricultural production; Agricultural meteorological services and rural meteorological disaster defense system must be improved First, product introduction JD-QC8 small automatic weather station is through the sensor monitoring of environmental element information, the construction of a number of elements can automatically detect a number of elements, without manual intervention, you can automatically generate messages, regularly transmit detection data to the central station of the weather station
    It is composed
    of meteorological sensors, meteorological data acquisition instruments, power supply systems, protective boxes and meteorological observation brackets, communication modules and other parts.
    It can be used for all-weather on-site monitoring
    of meteorological elements such as wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, soil temperature, soil moisture, evaporation, and atmospheric pressure.
    According to customer needs, the corresponding parameter sensors
    that need to be monitored can be added.
    It can be connected with the software platform through the professional supporting data collector, and the data can be transmitted to the software platform database for statistical analysis and processing, which is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, tourism, scientific research, meteorology and other urban environmental monitoring
    。 Second, product features 1, low power collector: static power consumption less than 50uA 2, standard GPRS networking, support for extended Bluetooth, wired transmission 3, 7 inch Android touch screen, version: 4.
    2, quad-core Cortex-A7™, 512M/4G 4, support modbus485 sensor extension 5, solar charging management MPPT automatic power point tracking 6, three-meter carbon steel bracket, two-section flange docking 7, SMS alarm, send SMS to zd mobile phone after the limit 8, ABS material protective box, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, waterproof grade IP66
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