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    Focus on the new era of drying brand industry, 2020 8th Shanghai Biofermentation Exhibition to carry out the countdown.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-04
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    Date: August 26-28, 2020 Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center Theme Word: Changing the new pattern challenges and opportunities coexist ingons broad market background: China's drying equipment industry with the 12th Five-Year Plan green development direction adjustment, has entered a rapid development stage, in accordance with the "12th Five-Year High-end" The specific requirements of high efficiency, energy saving, green, environmental protection and localization of large-scale drying equipment in the Equipment Manufacturing Industry Development Plan should increase macro-control and market regulation mechanism, comprehensively integrate drying enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market;
    China's drying equipment manufacturing industry into a period of rapid development, the future drying industry market low-end productcompetition, large-scale high value-added products promising prospects.
    in recent years, China's drying industry through the transformation of product structure, industrial agglomeration and professional restructuring, enterprise competitiveness has been effectively improved, the scale of the industry and industrial output value continue to enlarge.
    especially the high-end market this broad prospects of the big cake, China's drying equipment enterprises urgently need to understand the new changes in the market, for the development of the drying equipment industry, research and development of related drying equipment products, seize the market, for its industry to broaden the space for its future healthy development.
    the top ten application industries, the overall impact of users to invite: food engineering, food additives / condiments, feed, biopharmaceuticals, bio-chemicals, bio-pesticides, lithium batteries, chemical engineering, bioengineering and research institutions and other institutions procurement, technology and senior personnel to visit.
    If you are part of the following suppliers, please join us now! Drying equipment: far-infrared drying equipment, microwave drying equipment, frozen dryer, air dryer, regeneration dryer, dehumidifier, blade dryer, rotary dryer, disc dryer, material dryer, vacuum dryer, dehydration drying Machines, belt dryers, tumble dryers, boiling dryers, spray dryers, air dryers, dryers, vibrating dryers, rotary flash dryers, continuous dryers, vacuum dryers, plate dryers, double cone drying Machines, rotary dryers, mixers, micro-shredders, fluidized bed drying, etc.; Shanghai Biofermentation Exhibition - Bioindustry Series Conference: China Biofermentation Industry Association 2nd Eleventh Council and 2nd 11th Standing Council - China Biofermentation Industry Association Re-election Conference , China Biofermentation Industry Association three sessions of the Council , China Biofermentation Industry Association 30th Anniversary Activities , Enzyme Industry Development Summit Forum , 2020 National Biofermentation Industry Key Project Promotion (Shanghai) - National Enzyme Industry Technology Exchange. 2020 Biofermentation Industry Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Science and Technology Innovation Forum, the 4th China Bioresources Extraction and Application Innovation Forum, 2020 5th International Fermentation Culture Base Application and Development Forum, Starch Sugar, Polyol Industry Technology and Application Development Forum, 2020 5th Biofermentation Feed Technology Innovation and Nutrition Summit Forum, Pharmaceutical Project Facility Equipment Engineering Implementation DifficultY Analysis Training, 2nd Fermentation Community People's Association 2020 Testing Quality Control Summit, Reishi Industry (Shanghai) Summit Forum, 2020 Tonic Industry Entrepreneurs High-Level Conference, 2020 Health Industry and E-Commerce New Retail Summit New Frontier Dynamic 2020 International Drying Industry Change new pattern, to bring you the new frontier dynamics of the drying industry, with the industry big guys on-site answers, with the same industry to exchange with each other, to carry out a new era of drying industry.
    drying industry "promote" "exchange" "cooperation" platform! What are you waiting for, please sign up for it! Source:
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