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    Foreign giants monopolize the upper reaches of the gene sequencing industry chain And domestic manufacturers are trying to break the ice

    • Last Update: 2021-02-28
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    Recently, as part of its partnership with Mount Sinai Hospital in the United States, Huada Gene plans to install the BGISEQ-500 sequencer at the Lurenfeld-Tanenbaum Institute at the hospital, the first layout of the BGISEQ platform in North America, marking the beginning of domestic sequencer service to North American users. the upper, middle and lower reaches of the
    gene sequencing industry are sequencer manufacturers, sequencing reagent supplies production companies, gene capture reagent production companies (equipment end);
    , most of the domestic gene sequencing start-up killing battlefield is mainly concentrated in the middle and downstream. As the upstream core and key of the whole gene sequencing industry, and also the most barrier-building part of the gene sequencing industry chain, gene sequencing instrument by Illumina, Life Tech and Roche represented by the European and American enterprises occupied the majority of the market share.
    In view of the cost and technical difficulties and other issues, the number of domestic sequencing equipment research and development enterprises is relatively small, statistics show that the current domestic sequencing equipment research and development of enterprises only about 10, involving supplies and reagents research and development of enterprises only about 25.

    Three localization path
    due to over-reliance on imports, China's gene sequencing industry, whether clinical or scientific research, will face pressure due to the high cost of sequencing, in the case of urgent demand, sequencing equipment industry has spawned three methods of localization.
    way is to label, domestic enterprises and European and American sequencer manufacturers to cooperate directly on their products on the brand of Chinese enterprises. Berry and Kang through the joint Illumina into the domestic sequencer market, belonging to the label to achieve localization. Berry and Kang's NextSeq CN500 gene sequencer uses Illumina's edge synthesis edge sequencing technology to ensure accurate and reliable sequencing data and to process 96 noninvasional DNA prenatal testing (NIPT) clinical samples simultaneously.
    the second is the acquisition of foreign enterprises, domestic gene sequencing enterprises through the acquisition of foreign sequencer manufacturers, access to their sequencing equipment intellectual property rights, and improve their industrial layout.
    March 2013, Huada Gene acquired Complete Genomics, a U.S. sequencing company, for the latter's sequencing technology. As a result, Huada Gene has embarked on the path of self-development of sequencer, with the introduction of the BGISEQ-500 being more flexible in terms of totals than the NextSeq-500 in illumina, which has an advantage in reading length.
    third type of research and development is completely independent property rights, but also in the true sense of localization, such as the Shenzhen Hanhai gene dedicated to three generations of sequencer technology. There are only three companies developing three generations of sequencing devices in the world, in addition to Hanhai Gene, the other two are Pacific Biosciences in the United States and Oxford Nanopore Technologies in the United Kingdom.
    The current three-generation sequencing technology is still very limited in the direction of clinical application due to the high error rate, but because of its direct single-molecule level detection of high reading length and other characteristics, will be the main direction of development in the future. Whether it is the first generation sequencing technology, due to different technical principles of different gene sequencing platform, the scope of application, as well as its characteristics are also different, for a long time, one, two or three generations of sequencing technology will coexist in the market at the same time.

    Domestic Sequencing Manufacturers: Small Potential
    According to market research firm BCC Research, the global gene sequencing market is expected to grow at a high rate of 20% per year and is expected to reach a huge $11.7 billion in 2018. Although the number is small, several domestic companies have also ventured into the field in an attempt to change the monopoly of international manufacturers.
    since June 30, 2014, CFDA approved the listing of wuhan Huada Gene Biomedical Engineering Co., Ltd.'s second-generation sequencer, CFDA has approved the listing of nine gene sequencers, including Huada Gene's BGISEQ-100 and BGISEQ-1000, BGISE Q-500, Daan gene DA8600, Huaincon HYK-PSTAR-IIA, Bioelectron Seq4000, Berry and Kang's NextSeq CN500, etc., are second-generation gene sequencer.
    some upstream start-ups are favored by capital and financed.
    in April 2018, Shenzhen Hanhai Gene completed the RMB218 million round of A financing, for The fourth round of financing of Hanhai Gene. Hanhai Gene announced that the financing will focus on the construction of the first third generation gene sequencer and supporting reagent production line throughout Asia. In 2017, Hanhai Gene successfully developed Asia's first world-leading third-generation single-molecule gene sequencer, which has core independent intellectual property rights.
    In November 2017, Sena Bio, a manufacturer of domestic high-volume gene sequencer platform (second-generation sequencing), received 130 million yuan in B-round financing, jointly led by Oriental Yirui (Shanghai) Fund and Zhongguancun Development Group Kaihang Fund, Longpan Investment, Jinggong Hongyuan, Next Star Ventures, and A-round investor General Ventures continued to add. The innovative gene sequencer and supporting chips and reagents developed by Seine Bio fully upgrade the clinical application of gene sequencing technology in disease detection, disease diagnosis and disease screening.

    other upstream manufacturers
    upstream include sequencing reagent supplies manufacturers and gene capture reagent production companies.
    sequencing reagent supplies and sequencer matching, so sequencer manufacturers are often sequencing reagent supplies manufacturers, domestic manufacturers mainly include Huada gene, Daan gene, Chinese science Zixin, Boao biology, Berry and Kang, Huainkang gene, Hanhai gene and so on about 25.
    technology is in the high-volume sequencing of the sample processing process, is the upstream of the detection service. Different probes can be designed for diseases of different systems. Its advantages are clear, both to meet research needs and reduce costs, ideal for the development of precision medicine. The key technologies of gene capture are mainly in the hands of large biotechnology companies abroad, such as Roche, Angelen, Life Technologies, IDT, Illumina, etc., and only a few professional companies known for gene capture in China are United Chuan Bio, Aji Taikang, McKino, Zhongkonatai, etc.
    believe that compared with foreign giants, domestic enterprises also have their own advantages. Domestic cost advantages, kit customization is very convenient, especially for some research institutes, research institutions, kits in the production of fast, more accurate personalized can also greatly reduce research costs. (Health)
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