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    France's Rossello showcases Peptan collagen peptides and synerget systems at the Japan Health Products Raw Materials Show

    • Last Update: 2021-02-04
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    The highlights of Rossello's presentation are in two ways: support for the latest scientific research on the proven efficacy of
    collagen products, and the ability of gelatin-based collaborative systems to improve traditional recipes and promote the development of new, anticipated products.this year

    , the Japan Health Products Raw Materials Exhibition opened at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, rossello will show their innovative
    collagen peptides and
    dynamic synergistic system functional drinks.Rossello's highlights of this presentation are the latest scientific research looking at the aging properties of
    collagen products, which supports the proven efficacy of
    , and the ability of gelatin-based collaboration systems to improve traditional recipes and promote the development of new, expected products.Since the proportion of consumers aged
    and over in Japan's total consumer population will continue to increase, and this proportion is likely to reach
    of Japan's total population by
    , the demand for products that can limit the physical effects of aging will increase significantly. Rossello's
    collagen peptide is widely recognized as an efficient food solution, and many beverage processors see this exciting target market.the company uses a unique enzymatic process,
    , an digestible peptide that is highly bio-compatible and provides unique nutritional properties that other proteins cannot provide. Aging can cause many conditions that cause mobility problems such as osteoarthritis (defythable joint lesions), bone deficiency (smaller bone density) and less muscle mass, and scientific evidence suggests that the series of products can effectively mitigate the negative effects of these conditions. Clinical studies have also confirmed
    in restoring skin collagen structure and promoting young skin production.At this health product raw materials show, manufacturers will learn more about how to validate the clinical efficacy of
    products, including a new study that will further demonstrate the role of
    in helping to reduce joint pain and protect joint health. Rossello will also showcase its collagen peptide potential, presenting three delicious samples
    beauty cookies, beauty cherries and collagen-rich miso soup featuring
    (fish-grade peptides). Visitors can also sample applications that combine
    , including berry drinks, peach-flavoured milky drinks and pumpkin soup
    all with the benefits of healthy aging.will officially present their latest collaboration system to the Japanese market at the show. Systems consisting of several different types of gelatin or a combination of a specific gelatin and another component (e.g. glue) can work together in a unified way
    's function of each composition can be stimulated when combined. This range helps manufacturers develop innovative and enhanced products with new or additional benefits. These solutions are very easy to apply, for example, to help improve texture, taste, stability, or emulsification performance, while also supporting the development of products that deliver a better user experience (
    ).four aspects of the collaborative system series, at which Rossello will demonstrate the functional capabilities of three of these systems. Visitors can choose to try the following: stretched cola-flavored acid marshmallows made through the acidic gel system
    , high-temperature jelly made through the heat-resistant gel system
    , and delicious sweets made through the neutral gel system
    ). Experts from Rossello will also give a more in-depth explanation of emulsified gel
    , a clean label ingredient
    that plays an emulsifying and stabilizing role in the emulsification of water-wrapped oil.collaborative system has also been the subject of seminars in the exhibition. The seminar, entitled
    Rossello's Synergy Systems
    , will be hosted by
    Erik Ramaker
    , Rossello's
    global product manager; Christopher Engelbrecht
    global head of Peptan's products, will also attend a conference called

    Healthy Aging
    New Marketfor Collagen
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