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    Fruit and plant weight-loss capsule contains illegal sibutramine

    • Last Update: 2011-01-18
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    On January 18, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety warning message saying that the forbidden ingredient sibutramine is contained in fruta planta, a weight-loss capsule from a Chinese manufacturer The FDA said it had received reports of adverse reactions involving fruit and plant weight-loss capsules, including several cases of serious cardiovascular system damage and one death Experts say sibutramine is harmful to cardiovascular system, and China has banned it from weight loss But most afraid of some weight-loss health products steal sibutramine to increase weight loss effect, uncontrolled prone to problems Sibutramine (sibutramine hydrochloride) is a kind of central nervous inhibitor, which has the effects of excitation and inhibition of food consumption, the pharmacist, deputy director Qiu Zhenwen, pharmacy department, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine, told the new express In January 2009, it was first banned in the European Union, and then the U.S withdrew from the market in October last year due to its safety problems China's drug administration also stopped the production and sales of sibutramine in mainland China on October 30 last year What harm does sibutramine cause to be banned in many countries? In a sibutramine manual, the reporter saw that "adverse reactions" of sibutramine wrote that "the most common adverse reactions of this product are dry mouth, anorexia, insomnia, constipation, etc." The reporter also learned that sibutramine was banned in many countries due to the deaths of dozens of people in the United States, Germany, Italy and other countries Among them, an experiment conducted by the European Union further verified the harmfulness of sibutramine It is understood that the European Union conducted a large-scale scout experiment from December 2002 to December 2008 9800 obese and overweight people over 55 years old who had a history of heart disease and diabetes participated in the experiment In the past six years, the researchers divided them into two groups: the experimental group and the placebo group As a result, people who took sibutramine only lost 2-4 kg more weight on average, and it is unclear whether this effect can be maintained after the drug withdrawal At the same time, it was found that sibutramine brought serious but not fatal cardiovascular risks, such as stroke and heart attack, which directly led to the prohibition of sibutramine in the EU Watch out for sibutramine's stealing diet tea Qiu Zhenwen pointed out that at present, there are no more than three kinds of weight-loss drugs, the first one is appetite inhibitors, namely sibutramine and fenfluramine, both of which have been banned; the second one is drugs to increase energy consumption, such as ephedrine, which can promote the body's heat production, which has withdrawn from the US market; the third one is drugs to inhibit intestinal digestion and absorption, such as orlistat "Among them, sibutramine acts on the central nervous system, inhibits the reuptake of some neurotransmitters at nerve endings, and reduces appetite; it also increases adrenaline, changes endocrine, and excites local sympathetic nerves, which may lead to cardiovascular burden." Qiu Zhenwen believes that among the three categories, the side effects of appetite inhibitors are more serious, especially for those with severe hepatorenal insufficiency, gallstones, angle closure glaucoma and epilepsy "The most worrying thing is that these ingredients, such as sibutramine, are illegally added to weight-loss health care products, making people unconsciously eat it without knowing it." Qiu Zhenwen said anxiously that if some health care products, such as weight-loss tea, were secretly added with sibutramine, the weight-loss effect would be very obvious, but the side effects would be great, and the people who ate did not know that they had eaten the banned sibutramine If you take these health care products without knowing it, the dosage may exceed the standard, which is very dangerous "We should have more eyes on the effective diet tea and other diet products, and learn to judge whether sibutramine is added to these health products." He suggested Experts suggest to judge if sibutramine is "secretly stored" in health products If you take health products with weight loss effect, you should stop taking it immediately if you have the following reactions 1 In the absence of exercise, diet and other weight-loss measures, the weight loss of more than 4 kg within one week only depends on eating the weight-loss drug or health care product 2 Tachycardia 3 Persistent high body temperature 4 Feel dry mouth after eating 5 Frequent urination after eating 6 Frequent insomnia 7 Bad breath and constipation 8 Headache or dizziness, trance.
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