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    Future phase of artificial heart technology

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Artificial heart implanted into the rising starheart failure is the final stage of the development of various heart diseasesData show that the end-stage heart failure patients 5-year survival rate of only 20%, and malignant tumors" heart failure is becoming a huge burden of disease for our residentsHu Shengshou, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of the National Cardiovascular Disease Center and director of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said that the number of Chinese mouths is large, the level of medical security is still gap compared with Europe and North America, and many heart patients are in the late stage of their visits, so China's heart failure problem is more serious than in developed countriesHu Shengshou, for heart failure, although there is progress in drug treatment, but overall only to alleviate symptomsSurgical treatment is the main treatment, namely heart transplantation and implantation of artificial heartAt this stage, heart transplantation treatment can not meet the clinical needsDue to the limited number of donors and the difficulty of surgery, the annual number of transplant cases in most transplant hospitals in China is less than 10Moreover, after the heart transplant, patients face chronic rejection, infection and other problemsThe cost of anti-immunosuppressants after surgery is also quite a lot, about 100,000 yuaninternational number of heart transplants is also growing slowly, the proportion of artificial hearts used in North America is increasing year by yearData show that since June 2006, nearly 30,000 patients in North America have received artificial heart implantsSince 2013, more than 2,500 people have had an artificial heart implant edited in the region each year, more than the number of heart transplant patientsIn terms of patient survival, artificial heart implants do not give up heart transplantsFollow-up data from the third generation of the international mainstream brand, Heart Mate 3, show that the patient's two-year survival rate is 79%, very close to 80% of heart transplantsmulti-center to carry out domestic equipment research and development
    artificial heart medical professional name is "ventricular assistdevice", the development of technology has experienced three timesFrom the first generation of throbbing blood flow, to the second generation of mechanical bearings, to the third generation of magnetic levitation bearings, the clinical effect is getting better and better, the first generation of equipment mainly simulates cardiac contraction and diastolic, but large volume, high mechanical failure rate;in the 1990s, China began to explore the application of artificial heartAt present, domestic enterprises are working with medical institutions to develop the third generation of magnetic levitation bearing products, and has entered the clinical trial stageThe introduction of Japanese technology, the artificial heart produced by Chinese enterprises in August 2019 has been approved for listingIn addition, the first multi-center clinical trial of left ventricular assistdevices in China, led by the hospital, has now completed 29 cases of left ventricular assist device implantation in 2 devices" in the field of cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment, artificial heart is still the largest gap between China and advanced countries, we need to speed up the development of domestic equipment, and carry out multi-center researchIn addition, there is room for improvement in the design of the blood pumpHu Shengshou stressedis understood that the current United States imported artificial heart in the domestic price of about 1.2 million yuan to 1.3 million yuanZhang Benxuan, chairman and general manager of Chongqing Yongren Heart Medical DeviceCo., introduced 15 clinical trials at the Hospital of Yanyuan, Tongji Medical College affiliated Concord Hospital, Fujian Medical University Affiliated Concord Hospital, and 100% survival rate of patients after more than 6 months after surgery, with no serious complications related to devicesThis is currently the only domestic approved domestic artificial heart, the price than Japan, the United States and other regions down about 30%platform and do norms to carry out parallelin Hu Shengshou's view, although the start is late, but China's universities, scientific research institutions in the field of fluid mechanics and other basic research fields have considerable strength, for the research and development of artificial heart provides a solid foundation"The problem now is the need to build a platform It is necessary to build a platform for incubation and evaluation of domestic devices, so that fluid mechanics, electronic control, mechanical processing, test evaluation, animal experiments, clinical transformation, therapeutic applications, nursing, rehabilitation and other disciplines can be exchanged and formed a cooperative mechanism Universities, research institutes, hospitals, companies multi-impact, the spark of thought into a model, and then into a product Yang Hu, chairman of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, , said the society has focused on the development of artificial hearts since its inception in the 1980s The future will promote multi-party joint efforts to jointly promote the development of Chinese heart "We need to develop a lot of norms, establish a registration system, do a good job of quality control." Hu Shengshou pointed out that the standardization training system of mechanical circulation support devices should be established, standardized training should be carried out on surgical teams, such as patient screening in line with the guidelines, experience accumulation and promotion of perioperative treatment, long-term follow-up management of postoperative patients, etc., and the corresponding expert consensus should be formulated in addition, a mechanical cycle support registration system, covering clinical data, risk factor monitoring, outcomes, medical insurance data, etc., should be established to collect clinical data from Chinese patients Establish a national mechanical cycle to support patient data collaboration network, under the premise of data security analysis and mining.
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