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    Green tea extract shines in the energy drink market

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    energy drinks market has great potential. Despite some declines in recent years, it is still popular with American consumers.
    is expected to grow by
    52% between 2014 and
    2019, according to the Mintel
    . According to
    Innova's 2015
    market survey, energy drinks accounted for
    6.2% of total soft drink sales in the U.S.
    and grew much faster than the soft drinks market. In addition,
    reported that
    from 2009 to 2014
    , energy drinks gradually recovered from the low market share caused by ingredient safety issues in
    , and the market share increased by
    . Accordingly, the use of organic and wholes healthy ingredients in specific and market-driven energy drinks is rising rapidly.among the most popular natural ingredients, green tea extracts such as

    Applied Food Sciences
    are increasingly being used in energy drinks, functional drinks, meal-served beverages and blends."
    that most of the beverages that use green tea extract fall into the energy drink category, especially in the U.S. market.

    Lynn Dornblas
    er, director of market research at Mintel
    , points out that

    are mostly products made by small companies. Examples of large companies
    such as
    V8 V-Fusion
    energy drinks. These company products have contributed to the rapid development of green tea extracts.
    ”In 2013
    sales of energy drinks declined due to ingredient safety issues. At this
    , Campbell
    V8 V-Fusion
    energy drink. The product claims to use energy extracted from pure natural green tea. Today,
    tea extracts

    and many recently introduced energy drinks.U.S. energy drink market describes green tea extract as having
    natural energy
    benefits. Some energy drinks are positioned as dietary alternatives, while others, such as Leighton
    tea, are positioned to provide a natural energy-reawakening ingredient.from a market perspective, the boundaries between beverage categories are becoming increasingly blurred, and the trend is still growing. So the question remains, where is the consumer's position?label-conscious consumer marketfunctional foods and beverages have a strong impact on the market, accounting for $
    50 billion in the U
    in 2014

    natural ingredients, including green tea extracts, are expected to reach $
    .5 billion by

    2020, according to

    Markets and Markets consulting firm. Market-leading brands, including
    Steaz, Guru
    Condiments, will use natural ingredients with specific features to simplify the product ingredient list.this trend stems from consumer concerns, and the driving force is the clean label movement. Consumers are more interested in labeling ingredients that clearly understand the ingredients.According to the

    2015 Western Functional Food Summit,
    60% of
    consumers believe functional beverages are beneficial for older diseases, and consumers may not be aware of the difference between functional drinks and energy drinks. What'
    percent of U.S. consumers believe that the simpler the beverage, the healthier the drink.natural antioxidants are on the rise. According
    Packaged Facts
    , the
    market share is
    expected to exceed
    86 billion
    2016. Moreover, green tea extract is an important source of natural antioxidants. In the energy drinks market, you will often see
    associated with
    " energy products."
    green tea extract provides energy
    says Dornblaser

    You should understand, so why does green tea extract make consumers more comfortable than the word caffeine? What do consumers think of? It reminds consumers of the more familiar - a cup of tea.
    ”But it's hard to get products containing green tea extract to attract modern consumers.
    reasons for this is because the taste is a little bitter, and the other is because of the limited solubility.
    ," explains Chris Fields
    vice president of
    science at AFS
    . hundreds of suggestions online to reduce the bitter taste of green tea. Flavors to be introduced
    include matcha green tea, which it says will offset the bitter taste of green tea by mixing ginger and citrus with matcha green tea powder. For example
    the popular
    Steaz brand energy drink, which combines green tea flavor with rich fruit flavor to create a delicious flavor. AFS
    states that

    purifys tea from the very beginning of our use of sustainable, organic, non-GMO ingredients, producing a wide variety of extracts, and filtering out bitter ingredients that affect flavor and solubility to produce ingredients that are moderate in flavor and can dissolve quickly in any liquid without changing the overall flavor of the beverage.
    ” Best of all, consumers know what they're drinking, what they're producing with, and where they're coming from. source of this
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