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    Guizhou Bailing is not "spirit"?

    • Last Update: 2020-05-30
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    Pharmaceutical Network On May 28th, more than 10 days after the supervision of capital occupation issued a letter of concern, Guizhou Bailing has not yet respondedin addition to the 10th anniversary of the listing of the well-known pharmaceutical companies, but also choose in the gap between the news, on May 22 released an "exclusive miao medicine cough fast stop syrup, cough ingest capsule to end clinical, initially confirmed to light and ordinary type of new coronapneumonia" article, and then the stock price of an abnormal risejust when the content of the above-mentioned research is constantly disputed, on the evening of May 26th, the reporter found that the article has been deleted by Guizhou BailingMay 27, there are media reports, Guizhou Drug Administration responded, has been concerned about Guizhou BailingGroup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdofficial website posted that two exclusive seed medicine for light and ordinary type of new coronapneumonia is effective, will be verifiedreporter called the Guizhou Drug Administration Office, the staff said they do not know the relevant situationThe reporter then called Guizhou Bailing, the staff said, "We are not convenient for interviews now, you said this information we are checking." "
    compared with the above-mentionedof the new crown pneumonia "not the spirit" of doubt, for Guizhou Bailing, the first decline in 2019 performance, the current controlling shareholders of more than 2 billion yuan of capital occupation, is the real situation to be relievedOn May 22nd, Guizhou Bailing announced on the company's micro-signal that its two drugs were effective for new coronapneumoniathe information published by Guizhou Bailing, from February 17, by Nanchang University, the first affiliatedas the group leader unit, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the Fourth People's Hospital, Hubei Province, Ezhou City Center Hospital jointly carried out "cough stop syrup, cough capsule treatment of new coronary pneumonia (COVID-19) effectiveness and safety of randomized, open, parallel control, multi-center clinical trials", and completed the record in China Clinical Trial Registration Center"The results of this clinical trial show that cough-fast stop syrup, cough capsule treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia (light and common type) is conducive tohealing and new coronavirus, can shorten the cough time and safe and reliable, can be used as one of the options for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia, worthy of clinical promotion and use." "
    May 25, Guizhou Bailing shareprice began to rise, as of the close, Guizhou Bailing shares at 8.77 yuan / share, corresponding to a 6.43 percent increase reporter noted that the number of clinical trials in Bailing, Guizhou, is not very large, and the final group of patients only 30 Guizhou Bailing also said that the clinical trial was originally planned to recruit 72 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia patients to participate, failed to reach the planned number of recruitment, resulting in a certain impact on objectivity   Reporters in China Clinical Trial seuptincenter official website saw that the status of the clinical trial project is still shown to be in the process of recruiting research objects Reporters on May 27 contacted the project's registered contact Sun Tianjing, asked if there is the next step of the trial plan, its response said that specific issues need reporters to pay attention to Guizhou Bailing announcement, it can not respond reporter may 25 call guizhou Bailing, its staff said that at present, Guizhou Bailing has no export business, its cough stop syrup also has no export qualifications, there is no intention to export is worth noting that on the evening of May 26, the reporter found that Guizhou Bailing in the WeChat public platform published the results of the experiment message has been deleted, Guizhou Bailing official website can not be opened   This year's outbreak, masks became a hot commodity for a while Guizhou Bailing announced in April that its subsidiary Yunzhi Pharmaceuticals has obtained a "
    registration certificate for disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks." At that time, Guizhou Bailing said that after the production line fully opened, the production scale can achieve Nissan's one-time use of medical masks, medical surgical masks more than 50,000 but Guizhou Bailing has not yet officially announced the progress of its Cloud Plant Pharmaceuticals production of masks   According to Wind data, Guizhou Bailing's stock has fallen by more than 20% in the past year As of May 26, Guizhou Belling closed at 8.89 yuan per share, corresponding to a market value of 12.5 billion yuan   The news that its drugs are effective against new crown pneumonia can lead to the price of Guizhou Bailing, but in the short term can not affect performance For Guizhou Bailing, the issue that has been widely discussed in the market is the decline in performance and capital occupation Guizhou Bailing's 2019 annual report showed that operating income during the reporting period was RMB2.85 billion, down 9.13% YoY, while net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was RMB290 million, down 48.27% YoY it was the first time in a decade that profits had fallen in guizhou In 2019, the gross margin of Guizhou's Belling Chinese medicine business also fell to 57.69 percent, down 5.44 percent from 2018 Guizhou Bailing said the decline in the company's net profit in the reporting period was mainly due to the company's investment in the investment of Yunzhi Pharmaceuticals and Chongqing Haifu generated investment losses of 9034.86 million yuan, as well as sales costs increased from 2018, increased bank loans led to the increase in financial expenses paid data show that the financial expenses of Guizhou Bailing during the reporting period amounted to 54.18 million yuan, an increase of 251.95 percent year-on-year over 2018   For Guizhou Bailing, whose huge sums of money are occupied by controlling shareholders, much of this fee can be said to have been the money spent According to the 2019 annual report, Jiang Wei, the actual controller of Bailing in Guizhou, borrowed 340 million yuan from Guizhou Bailing at an interest rate of 6% The financial report shows that as of 31 December 2019, funds and interest had been returned and according to the "Special Audit Note on the Occupation of Non-Operating Funds and Other Related Funds" issued by the accounting firm, the cumulative funds allocated by Guizhou Bailing to the actual controller of the company in 2019 amounted to 2,086 million yuan, and the cumulative recovery of funds amounted to 2.144 billion yuan (including interest), all of which are non-operational occupations May 15, Guizhou Bailing received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and was asked to immediately check whether the controlling shareholders and related parties still exist non-operating capital occupation letter of concern originally requested to reply before May 20, but until May 22, Guizhou Bailing said, in view of the "concern letter" in the issue slot more, the workload is larger, the response work needs to coordinate the relevant departments of the company and annual audit accountant to do further improvement and supplement, will be postponed to reply to the letter of concern   Speaking of the capital occupation of Guizhou Bailing, it is necessary to mention the financial situation of the controlling shareholders behind the company data show that Jiang Wei, the controlling shareholder of Guizhou Bailing, and his concerted action man have more than 80% of the pledge, and this year has reduced the holding of cash At the important juncture of the decline in Guizhou's performance, Jiang Wei Holding's Guizhou Bailing also made the decision to pay a dividend of 106% of its net profit May 21, Guizhou Bailing issued a controlling shareholder pledge, showing that Jiang Wei and his concerted action man Jiang Yong have pledged a total of 664 million shares, accounting for 80.46 percent of the number of shares held by the company Guizhou Bailing said that as of December 31, 2018, Jiang Wei and his concerted action person pledge shares accounted for 89.15% of its shareholding, and later Jiang Wei and others to solve the problem of high pledge rate, but also through the rescue work with Huatron Securities Co., Ltd to carry out cash repayment of the stock pledge contract   Reporters found that at the end of 2019, Guizhou Bailing announced that Jiang Wei plans to reduce his holdings of 42.336 million shares of Guizhou Bailing shares in the next three months In December alone, more than 9.28 million shares were sold, and more than 79 million yuan was cashed out it is worth noting that, in order to repay the equity pledge liabilities, jiang Wei again reduced his holding stake in Guizhou Bailing shares from March 11 to 12 after the expiration of the above-mentioned reduction plan cash-out funds are only one aspect, on April 30, Guizhou Bailing announced in the release of the 2019 annual report, plans to 2019 in accordance with the plan of 2.2 yuan per 10 shares of all shareholders (including tax) dividends, the amount of cash dividends exceeded 300 million yuan, accounting for 106.55 percent of Guizhou Bailing's 2019 net profit such a high proportion of dividends, in Guizhou Bailing listed for 10 years, has only appeared in the first year of the listing In the four years from 2015 to 2018, the dividend payout rate of Guizhou Bailing has not exceeded 30% according to such a dividend scheme, Jiang Wei and his co-operation jiang Yong can get more than 180 million yuan in cash in the dividend (before tax) According to the Guizhou Bailing Announcement, the Company's 2019 annual equity distribution plan has passed the resolution of the general meeting of shareholders, the registration date of equity distribution is May 28, 2020, and the ex-dividend date is May 29, 2020 May 25, the reporter called Guizhou Bailing to understand the company's controlling shareholder capital occupation problem to solve the progress, staff said, "This is in progress, then we will issue an announcement."
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