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    Guizhou Maotai every day into the account of 200 million, the market value rose to more than trillion

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    " (Guizhou Maotai financial results) data will still be very beautiful"On March 28th, Chairman Li Baofang was pleased to announce at the 2019 Boao Forum for AsiaOn the evening of March 28,, Guizhou Maotai released its 2018 financial resultsIn 2019, Guizhou Maotai's revenue was 73.6 billion yuan, up 18.75 percent year-on-year, equivalent to 200 million yuan a day, according to the financial reportNet profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies reached 35.2 billion yuan, up 30% YoY, equivalent to a daily earnings of RMB96 millionHowever, according to this increase, in 2019, Guizhou Maotai revenue to reach the target of 100 billion, there is still no small pressureinvestors have confidence in Guizhou MaotaiAfter the earnings report was released, on the morning of March 29, Guizhou Maotai's share price opened higher, as of 10:47 a.m., the share price reached 850 yuan/share, with a total market value of 1064.8 billion yuanThis state has been in place for two daysAt 11 a.mon March 28, Guizhou Maotai's share price broke through 800 yuan per share, and as of noon on March 29, Maotai's share price was trading at 861.00 yuan, up 6.72 percent from the previous day, maintaining its seat as a "trillion-dollar market value club"brokerages are optimistic about MaotaiCitic Securities' latest research report pointed out that Guizhou Maotai's 2018 results exceeded expectations, maintaining a "buy" rating, 2019-2020 to give a target price of 1000 yuanGoldman Sachs raised its target price for Guizhou Maotai to 1016 yuanChina Merchants Securities remained cautious, with a target price of 835-900 yuan, but continued to strongly recommend Guizhou MaotaiFangzheng Securities said, Guizhou Maotai long-term steady growth road began since March 2019, and in a month, Maotai has broken through the trillion-dollar market value three times, the last two on March 4 and 18, respectively In response, Mr Li said, "It can be considered a consumption upgrade", but stressed that "the correlation between market capitalisation and consumption is not entirely consistent" listed for 18 years, taking out a five-year net profit dividend Guizhou Maotai's favorite investors from the earnings report, in 2018, Guizhou Maotai to shareholders per share dividend of 14.54 yuan (including tax), according to this calculation, investors for each lot (1 lot) can get 1454 yuan According to statistics, in the 18 years since the listing, Maotai has paid a total of 19 dividends, the cumulative total amount of dividends reached 57.493 billion yuan, which is equivalent to the sum of Guizhou Maotai's net profit in the five years from 2010 to 2014 investors can get such a favor, in turn to the cost they pay By the close of trading on March 28, Maotai's share price was 806.80 yuan per share, in other words, investors needed to buy a lot of money has reached 80,000 yuan starting in March 2019, and in a month, Maotai has already exceeded the trillion-dollar market value three times, the last two on March 4 th unfortunately, there are investors who have missed out on such opportunities According to the financial results, the number of common shareholders in Guizhou Maotai was 107,700 at the end of the reporting period By the end of the previous month, the year before the annual report was disclosed, there were 857,000 common shareholders In other words, in January-February 2019, 2.2 investors withdrew from the Guizhou Maotai investor seat nearly 90% rely on high-priced Maotai wine in 2016, when the chairman of Maotai Group Yuan Renguo had proposed to build a hundred billion Maotai vision In May 2018, Li Baofang, chairman of Maotai Group, who has just taken office, shouldered the burden of "exceeding 90 billion yuan in 2018 revenue s2018 and 100 billion yuan in 2020" from the financial results, in 2018, although Guizhou Maotai operating income did not exceed 90 billion yuan, but overall to "100 billion yuan" sprint 2018, the company completed the production of Maotai liquor 497 million tons, an increase of 15.98 percent year-on-year, while maotai series of wine-based wine production decreased by only 205 million tons, a decrease of 1.98 percent year-on-year Overall, Maotai wine and series of wine base wine production of 702 million tons, an increase of 10.08 percent year-on-year 2019, that number will be at a new high On March 28, Maotai Chairman Li Baofang told the Boao Forum for Asia that Maotai's production capacity would increase by 6,000 tons to 56,000 tons by the end of the year and would not be expanded for a long time to come Compared with the series of wine, the of has a relationship with the high interest rate of Maotai wine production From the financial results, Maotai wine gross profit margin of 93.74%, series wine gross margin of only 71.05 percent Maotai explained in the annual report, the series of wine refers to Maotai Prince wine, Maotai welcome wine, Lai Mao wine From the price point of view, Maotai series wine prices relative to the civilian The more high-end wine, the higher the gross margin This is also confirmed in the grain liquid, in 2018, the gross profit rate of five grain liquid high-priced wine reached 84.31%, low-cost wine only 50.77 percent Compared with the series of wine , Maotai's high gross margin ensures the stability of net profit In terms of financial results, in 2019, Maotai wine sales revenue increased 24.99 percent year-on-year to 64.5 billion yuan, accounting for 88 percent of revenue other series of wines decreased in terms of production and sales, by 1.98% and 0.43%, respectively However, final sales revenue increased by 39.88 per cent year-on-year The reasons for the result are not ruled out, Maotai series of wine sales in the higher price increase, and finally led to a rise in sales revenue in the middle and high-end liquor brand, enterprises compete to shape the image of high-end, shape the brand image In 2018, Wuliang put forward the brand positioning of "big country strong fragrance, Chinese wine king", which makes Guizhou Maotai feel a bit of crisis In July 2018, Li Baofang led Maotai to continue the "slim down" campaign, clearly will clean up 51 households, subsidiaries On the evening of February 19, 2019, Guizhou Maotai announced that it would completely stop the custom, labeling and unapproved business of its subsidiaries, including Maotai Liquor, and that it would be sealed in place and no longer produced and sold without the Group's permission March 22, according to Caixin reported that during the 100th National Sugar and Wine Fair, a number of Maotai dealers said that there are now about 400 Maotai liquor dealers have been disqualified, and Maotai Group Chairman Li Baofang previously said that only more than 100 media reports, according to the current factory price of 969 yuan, dealers for every ton of Maotai wine sold, profits can reach 1.1257 million yuan, so dealers are considered to be Maotai prices behind the rise Source: AI Financial News, Jing Wenjing
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