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    Haikou City, Hainan province carries out GSP certification follow-up inspection

    • Last Update: 2006-06-21
    • Source: Internet
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    In order to further rectify and standardize the drug market order, consolidate the achievements of GSP certification of drug retail enterprises, and ensure that drug retail enterprises that have passed GSP certification operate drugs according to GSP regulations, recently, Haikou food and Drug Administration of Hainan province carried out GSP certification follow-up inspection This inspection is divided into 5 inspection groups, each group is composed of 3 GSP inspectors, and the leader responsibility system is implemented The inspection scope covers 445 GSP certified drug retail enterprises (including drug retail chain stores) in the city The inspection focuses on whether the enterprise has established true and complete drug purchase acceptance records; whether the management of the package of Chinese herbal pieces is standardized; whether the change approval procedures are handled according to the regulations; whether it conforms to the relevant regulations on the classified management of prescription drugs and non prescription drugs; whether the advertising management of the store conforms to the relevant regulations of the state, etc For the enterprises found in the supervision and inspection that do not meet the requirements of GSP, they are required to make rectification within a time limit If they still do not meet the requirements after the review, they will be punished according to law For the enterprises that seriously violate or repeatedly violate the provisions of GSP, they will be reported to the Provincial Bureau for withdrawing their GSP certification certificate according to law Through this special inspection, it will further promote the construction of the integrity system and the integrity management concept of the city's pharmaceutical retail enterprises, establish good business ethics, further enhance the management quality management level and service awareness of the pharmaceutical retail enterprises, significantly increase the corporate social responsibility awareness, consciously standardize the business behavior according to the requirements of GSP, and ensure the safe and effective use of the city's people Drugs.
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