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    Hangyang Krypton-Xenon Extraction Equipment Project Awarded

    • Last Update: 2022-02-26
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    A few days ago, at the "2015 Zhejiang Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award" awarding conference held by the Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation, the krypton-xenon extraction device project developed by Hangyang won the first prize
    In the development of this project, Hangyang independently developed a krypton-xenon physical property library and process simulation technology platform, fully-distilled krypton-xenon extraction process, high-temperature catalysis, medium-pressure purification and low-temperature rectification and other key technologies, crude krypton tower, krypton-xenon The separation tower, pure krypton tower, fluorine removal tower, and pure xenon tower all adopt the first developed new high-efficiency wire mesh packing tower, which realizes the operation of the device with low energy consumption and high extraction rate; innovated the liquid oxygen cold recovery process to vaporize the liquid oxygen , Nitrogen is liquefied to obtain liquid nitrogen and oxygen to maximize the economic benefits of krypton and xenon extraction; a skid-mounted block assembly mode has been developed, which can realize rapid on-site installation and ensure the quality of the krypton and xenon extraction device
    The project was selected as the first set of products in the key field of Zhejiang Province’s equipment manufacturing industry in 2015.
    The technical results formed have filled the domestic gap in pure krypton and xenon extraction technology, broke the monopoly of foreign air separation companies, and further strengthened the company’s competitive strength.

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