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    Heilongjiang document indicates that the position of base drug cannot be shaken, and rational use of base drug is the key.

    • Last Update: 2019-07-24
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    On July 23, Heilongjiang Health Committee publicized the notice on Further Strengthening the allocation and use management of essential drugs in public medical institutions

    According to the opinions of the general office of the State Council on improving the national essential drug system issued in September 2018, it has played a fundamental role in improving the drug supply guarantee system and ensuring the basic drug use of the people

    However, the current system of essential drugs can no longer meet the people's growing needs for a better life and health, which is highlighted in the fact that essential drugs can not fully meet the needs of clinical essential drugs, the use of incentive mechanism is not perfect, and the supply mechanism is not perfect

    It is urgent to comply with the new situation and new requirements of the new era

    While strengthening the top-level design of the system, it is necessary to further refine the relevant issues The notice is hereby formulated to guide public medical institutions at all levels to strengthen the management of the allocation and use of essential drugs, guarantee the basic drug demand of the people, and further promote the implementation of the essential drug system

    According to the document, five important contents can be summed up to indicate the way to the future: the first part emphasizes to adhere to the dominant position of essential drugs

    At the same time, the health administration should change from the management of pharmaceutical care and drug use in a single medical institution to the overall management of urban medical groups and county medical communities

    The second part is to ensure the priority use of essential drugs

    Furthermore, the double line assessment standards of the quantity and the proportion of the basic drugs used in the medical institutions at all levels were further clarified

    Emphasis should be placed on the management of clinical application of essential drugs and the specific incentive measures for priority use

    Guide medical institutions and volunteers to give priority to rational use of essential drugs

    The third part is to manage the supply of essential drugs

    Strengthen the management responsibility of basic drug supply in medical institutions

    Public medical institutions are required to timely confirm and standardize the reporting of drugs in short supply, and the administrative department of health and health is required to timely review and process relevant information, so as to better meet the needs of clinical rational drug use

    The fourth part is to actively carry out the monitoring and evaluation of essential drugs

    All regions are required to firmly promote drug monitoring and evaluation and actively carry out drug clinical comprehensive evaluation

    The fifth part is to strengthen the organization and implementation

    It is emphasized that all regions should strengthen the publicity of basic drug system training, take the rational use of basic drugs as an important content of continuing medical education, and realize the full coverage of doctors and pharmacists training in public medical institutions

    It is also necessary to organize and carry out the comprehensive pilot work of the basic drug system, implement the responsibilities and guide the evaluation, clarify the division of tasks of all relevant departments, take the responsibilities seriously as required, and promote the establishment and improvement of the evaluation system for the implementation of the basic drug system

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