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    High strength and elastic epoxy adhesive formulation

    • Last Update: 2021-03-17
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    The high-strength and high-elasticity epoxy adhesive provides a one-component epoxy adhesive with high elasticity, good thixotropy and viscosity that can be transported by a mechanical pump.
    It is characterized by good adhesion and excellent elasticity with elongation at break greater than 50%.
    The adhesive system is composed of epoxy resin with more than two epoxy groups in the molecule, polysulfide rubber, curing agent dioxamine, curing accelerator, defoamer, silane coupling agent, pigment and filler, etc.

    Application field

    This formula is mainly used as a high-strength and high-elastic epoxy adhesive.
    Used for steel-to-steel bonding and steel-to-metal bonding.

    Recipe details

    Production Method

    The curing agent, curing accelerator and epoxy-terminated polysulfide rubber are placed in an oil bath at 100° C.
    for reaction for 1 hour to obtain a pre-reaction product.
    After cooling, add epoxy resin, polyether polyol, nano calcium carbonate, pigments, defoaming agent, coupling agent, and fumed silica, stir well and place on a three-roller to roll twice.
    Place it in a pressure vessel and vacuum and degas under stirring to become an adhesive.


    The ratio of each component of the high-strength and high-elastic epoxy adhesive is in the range of: epoxy resin 100 epoxy-terminated polysulfide rubber 50~250, polyol 10~50, curing agent 6~12, curing agent Accelerator 1~15, silane coupling agent 0,1~2.
    0, pigment 30~150, filler 40~80, thixotropic agent 0~10, nano calcium carbonate 10~50.

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