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    How can non-cured waterproof coatings be composited with waterproof coils?

    • Last Update: 2020-12-26
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    Non-cured waterproof coating and coil composite use, is widely used in modern buildings, the main waterproof parts for the roof and basement waterproof. So which coils can non-cured waterproof coatings be composited with? This compound practice, how to carry out construction?waterproof structure map non-cured waterproof coatings can be used in the market waterproofing of the vast majority of coils composite, including traditional
    , self-adhesive, polymer, root-resistant puncture and so on. Non-cured waterproof coatings, one of the theoretical applications, is cohesive damage, that is, between the grass and paint, paint and coils, the damage is only paint, and coils and raw materials have nothing to do.use of non-cured waterproof coatings and coils greatly reduces construction time, reduces the environmental impact of construction, reduces leakage caused by worker construction defects and other factors. Therefore, by all aspects of the construction unit and the total package, Party A recognition.

    Non-curing and coil composite practices, mainly the grass-roots treatment, out of cement floating skin, exposing the theme of
    the inside;basically, all the key points are the construction of non-cured waterproof coatings, which can be constructed using machines in two ways: application and spray construction.
    non-cured waterproof coating and coil composite use, compared with the traditional coil waterproofing, in the construction method, construction conditions requirements, construction time and other aspects, compared to occupy a greater advantage, the construction waterproof industry unanimously recognized.。
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