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    How to grow nitrification bacteria? The secret recipe for homemade nitrosist bacteria.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-05
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    People who like fish should know that nitrification bacteria is a very important thing in the fish farming process, so how to get nitrification bacteria? Is it on the market to buy it or do you want to do it yourself? Small editor suggested that we have better do their own self-made nitrobacteria, so more safe, and there is protection, the following small editor to tell you how to cultivate nitrification bacteria? The secret recipe of homemade nitrosized bacteria for your reference. what is nitrification bacteria
    ? Nitrobacteria are a class of aerobic bacteria, which belong to the alpha-deformation bacteria and the beta-deformation bacteria, including nitric acid bacteria and nitric acid bacteria.
    belong to self-supporting bacteria, pronuclear organisms, are a small number of producers of bacteria.
    nitrification bacteria live in aerobic water or sand, and can only survive if they meet the supply of water and oxygen at the same time.
    nitrification bacteria are most suitable for living in weak alkaline water, growing and breeding fastest when the temperature reaches about 25 degrees.
    its reproduction does not follow the law of separation and the law of free combination.
    plays an important role in the process of water purification in the nitrogen cycle. How
    grow nitrification bacteria? The cultivation method of nitrification bacteria mainly has the following: Method one: is that we are more commonly used, is to start fish farming when a process of water, said to be water, in fact, is a process of culture nitrification bacteria, nitrification bacteria culture generally have to have a two-week or so, if you want to speed up the digestion of bacteria, you can put some dead fish, these substances will speed up the cultivation of nitric bacteria, can also be put into some tank fish after a few days of water.
    method two: let the bacteria house culture.
    nitrification bacteria are generally distributed on the filter material, if you can find some fish friends, the fish he is raising is healthy and disease-free, then you can use some of his use of bacteria house, these are using the filter material is rich in nitrosizing bacteria colonies, so that can be said to be more than half-effort.
    method three: buy nitrification bacteria agent, this nitroue bacteria is not like dry powder has a sleep period, people can directly join some, can make the fish tank of the nitricbacteria quickly cultured up, for some eager to open the cylinder for the convenience. How
    grow nitrification bacteria? In fact, these methods, and not much shortcut, need to slowly, otherwise in the later stage of fish farming will appear a variety of fish diseases, water quality treatment, and we do not want to always enter the process of fish disease treatment, that the preparation is essential. How
    confirm the success of nitrification bacteria culture? The key to confirming the success of nitrification bacteria culture is water quality, if the water quality is clear is indicative of the success of nitrification bacteria culture.
    nitrification bacteria are chemical organisms, self-fed oxygen-demand bacteria, carbon dioxide as carbon source, by metabolism ammonia or ammonium salt oxidation into nitrates.
    can be cultured with mediums that do not contain organic carbon.
    the secret recipe of homemade nitrobacteria: shrimp in the new fish tank into a few dead shrimp, a few days later to fish out, can quickly cultivate nitrification bacteria.
    this method is to contaminate the water quality, the water body is filled with many nitrobacteria food, so that it grows and reproduces rapidly.
    is such culture, but note that put the shrimp do not have to take out, shrimp itself will be solved by bacteria, wait until the water mixed, then put digestion bacteria, a few days later you will find that the water becomes clear, the first time do not wait for the water is too clear, and then put shrimp once Renren, there will be shrimp is decomposed, water mixed, water clear process, repeated several times good, to remind you is that the amount of shrimp more than once, do not put activated carbon and open protein, the last time to keep the water clear after In the release of fish and put nitrosized bacteria and protein opener 2 days to 3 days purification, halfway you can add several nitride bacteria according to the situation, if you first go in the amount is relatively large, then you keep water for a long time, while the amount of pollution should also be heavy, and finally when putting shrimp to the shell Take off, only tender meat nitrification bacteria will break down quickly, so repeated 4 times, with more than 1 month, the last put a large number of shrimp, water becomes like milk as cloudy, but 1 day later it becomes clear, 2 days later become clear, This shows that there are already a large number of bacteria in the work, as long as not more than one-tenth of the amount of this pile of shrimp pollution will not kill fish, so the first time you can enter a lot of fish to break into the tank.
    recipe two: goldfish a pot of water purification, a two-two herring, it is best to die alive, lest there is disease.
    put the fish dead in the basin, oxygen, and so on fish corruption, when it will give off a smell, the water will be cloudy, continue to oxygen, until one day, this basin of water suddenly very clear, then, congratulations, you have successfully cultivated a basin of authentic nitric bacteria, rather than culture liquid, it will be poured into the tank.
    this method is simple and economical, the only thing to pay attention to is to maintain hygiene, do not take sick fish to cultivate, otherwise the consequences.
    Recipe 3: Clams also have a way to make nitrobacteria, I have tried, cheap and convenient! Go to the market to buy clams, the meat dug out or directly buy, packed in a bottle, about a third of the capacity, and then filled with RO water or mineral water (can not use tap water), lid tight, about a week later will be cloudy water poured out, this is the nitrobacteria, and (live) nitric !!! Pour out and fill up with water again can be made again! ! Remember not to put in the sun to the place, put in the bathroom is the best!!! This kind of water stinks, but it really uses !!! Fish will not be affected! ! The two-foot cylinder put about two to three bottles of the cap, at first the fish tank water will smell good, but after three or four hours it is completely tasteless!!! Tap water is afraid of other bacteria, carelessly will be defeated nitrobacteria, but in the cultivation of bad bacteria can be preserved for a long time, before going to bed to join, I guarantee that the next day you must get up must not taste, do not have to go to the water museum to buy nitrobacteria, do their own cheap effect is good to not !!!! Natural best.
    meat is more convenient, can go directly to the market to buy half a catty !!! As for clams, more troublesome, to dig out the meat inside! ! It doesn't matter if there's a shell in the jar, the point is to let the meat come into the water and rot !!!! Previously mentioned, pour out the first can of nitrobacteria, can then add mineral water to continue to make a second can, the second can has no time limit, my second can put nearly three weeks, the result is good magic, the meat inside is not visible that the water is really rich in nitrosis, meat all eaten up !!! Big can try, anyway the cost is very low! ! The fish will be all right. What is the role of
    nitrification bacteria? Effect one: decomposition of organic nitrification bacteria in the decomposition of organic matter, only played a weak role, because the nitrification bacteria are actually producers, for the decomposition of organic matter is not very useful, but there will also be a certain role.
    fish tank will also have its own hetero-bacteria, so this time the decomposition of organic matter will be these bacteria will be the first to get ahead of the opportunity.
    effect two: purifying ammonia concentration in the pond will produce a lot of ammonia gas, ammonia gas may have a certain impact on fish or other organisms, this time the use of nitrobacteria can play an immediate effect, many fish fish I will put this bacteria in the pond, so that you can play a very effective effect.
    effect three: dissolved oxygen nitrification bacteria will have a certain nitrification reaction, this time the need to use the book is oxygen, so the oxygen inside the reactor directly affects the process of digestion reaction, if dissolved oxygen in the pool can not reach a certain amount, then this time will affect the normal life of the fish.
    Effect IV: adjust the system balance of microorganisms in a pool is a lot of bacteria, then this time we should choose a more stable group of bacteria to stabilize the system, nitrification bacteria can play such a role.
    is very good for the system stability of the whole pool.
    is the small-sectionof "How to cultivate nitrification bacteria?" Homemade nitrosist bacteria secret recipe" related knowledge introduction, we have learned? Homemade nitrobacteria are still very simple, and the cost is low, not to spend a penny at all, isn't it great? Let's get started and give it a try!
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