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    How to take responsibility for your own health starts with improving our gut

    • Last Update: 2021-01-12
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    are inhabited by trillions of microorganisms in the human gut, which gradually achieve a balance of species and quantity during reproduction, which is closely related to the body's normal metabolism. The study found that different intestinal microbial structure and composition affect the host's immune function, gastrointestinal development, nutrient processing and many other important physiological activities. Once the intestinal bacteria are structurally dysfunctional, various metabolic diseases follow.

    a person's physical health depends largely on their immunity. What is the most critical factor in determining human immunity? Not the most important heart, not the kidneys or liver, but our intestines. As the body's largest immune organs, once the intestinal health lights up red light, diarrhea, constipation, enteritis and other problems are easy to follow, or even move to catch a cold.

    , how do you take responsibility for your own health? The easiest way is to start by improving our gut.

    probiotics are beneficial to the human body, living in the human body, can inhibit and kill harmful bacteria. Excellent probiotics enter the intestines, colonized on the mucous membrane, regulated the micro-ecological environment of the intestines, inhibited the reproduction of harmful bacteria, thereby reducing the production or accumulation of toxic and harmful substances.

    the role of probiotics is highly dependent on a particular "strain", not on the strain. A strain is an individual with good properties selected from a strain, and some effect of a strain reported in clinical trials and literature cannot be inferred from other different strains of the same species.

    in addition to taking probiotics to improve the gut bacteria, the human body can also take probiotics. Probiotics can selectively promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, but will not be used by harmful bacteria, thus beneficial to the health of the host. This selective action is mainly directed at two probiotics in the gut, Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus. Probiotics, as the selected substrate of probiotics, have the function of promoting probiotic proliferation, improving intestinal bacteria, health care, etc., so it is called functional food. At present, the market is recognized as probiotics have low polyfructose, anti-paste, lactose, chrysanthemum powder, low-poly semi-lactose and so on.

    intestinal health is inextricable with probiotics and probiotics. Both are used at the same time and have a better effect on intestinal health than single use of probiotics or probiotics, because of the collaborative effect between living probiotics and specific selective substrates, i.e. probiotics. Because of the existence of probiotics, probiotics can gain an advantage in the intestines, so as to rapidly reproduce and grow and plant as an advantageous bacteria. Probiotics and probiotics complement each other and play a common role in promoting the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria, inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, maintaining the balance of the micro-ecological environment of the intestine, preventing and improving constipation and diarrhea, improving immunity and maintaining human health.

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