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    HPV vaccine also has the effect of preventing male HPV infection

    • Last Update: 2021-09-18
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    HPV vaccine also has the effect of preventing male HPV infection
    HPV vaccine also has the effect of preventing male HPV infection.

    Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted viruses in the world.
    A large number of studies at home and abroad have found more than 200 types of HPV.
    At present, there are no effective treatment drugs and no therapeutic vaccines after HPV infection
    At the “Guardian Health without Fear-2021 HPV Popular Science Education Launching Meeting” held in Beijing on September 8, the Deputy Secretary-General and Project Director of the Chinese Cancer Foundation Plenary, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences /Peking Union Medical College Group Medicine and Professor Qiao Youlin of the School of Public Health pointed out that although more than 90% of the population can use their autoimmune function to clear the HPV virus, about 10% of HPV-infected people still cannot clear the virus, and it is not yet possible to clearly distinguish this part of the population, so do a good job Prevention of HPV infection is very important


    Academy of Sciences

    Professor Qiao Youlin introduced that persistent HPV infection mainly invades the human reproductive system and can cause a variety of diseases.
    The common low-risk types HPV6 and HPV11 mainly cause benign genital warts, and the common high-risk types such as HPV16 and HPV18 can cause cervical cancer.
    , Penile cancer, anal cancer and other tumors can also cause tumors in the pharynx and throat of some people
    In recent years, the number and incidence of tumors attributed to HPV infection in our country have continued to increase, especially in rural areas


    "Research has shown that more than 98% of cervical cancers are caused by persistent infection with high-risk HPV.
    Therefore, everyone may think that HPV infection is a matter of women.
    In fact, this is a big misunderstanding
    " Professor Qiao Youlin said


    The data shows that the HPV infection rate among females worldwide is about 24%, and the overall genital HPV infection rate among males is as high as 45.
    2%, and the male genital HPV infection rate is higher than that of females

    Professor Qiao Youlin introduced that the main route of HPV transmission is sexual transmission.
    HPV infection is highly related to men, and its infection type and tissue distribution are similar to women
    The rate of male genital HPV infection is higher than that of females globally, indicating that males, as a high-risk group of HPV infections, also need to do a good job of prevention, but compared to females, male HPV infections are rarely paid attention to


    Professor Qiao Youlin said that the World Health Organization has issued multiple consensuses on the prevention of HPV infection-related diseases.
    These consensuses agree that HPV vaccine is the most economical and effective measure to prevent cervical cancer and other HPV infection-related diseases
    People often think that HPV vaccine is cervical cancer vaccine.

    In fact, HPV vaccine can prevent not only cervical cancer, but also anal cancer, penile cancer, head and neck tumors caused by other HPV infections, and it can also prevent condyloma acuminata.

    Professor Qiao Youlin introduced that the quadrivalent HPV vaccine has been approved for immunization in 135 countries or regions around the world, of which 110 countries or regions have been approved for female and male vaccination
    The nine-valent HPV vaccine has been approved in 84 countries or regions around the world, and 82 countries or regions have been approved for gender vaccination


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