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    Home > Medical News > Latest Medical News > Huadong Medicine: Daptomycin for injection of its subsidiary obtains US FDA approval

    Huadong Medicine: Daptomycin for injection of its subsidiary obtains US FDA approval

    • Last Update: 2022-01-13
    • Source: Internet
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    On November 28, Huadong Medicine issued an announcement stating that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Zhongmei Huadong, had recently received a notice from the FDA that the new drug application for daptomycin for injection declared by Zhongmei Huadong to the FDA had been approved

    The "super antibiotic" daptomycin is a new generation of cycloaliphatic peptide antibiotics launched after vancomycin, and is regarded as a "milestone" progress in the field of antibiotics
    Due to different antibacterial mechanisms, daptomycin has a much lower chance of causing bacterial resistance than other antibiotics.
    It can be used to treat some difficult diseases that are difficult to treat with traditional antibiotics.
    It is also the best treatment for infections caused by gram-positive drug-resistant strains.


    Daptomycin was first discovered by Eli Lilly and developed by the pharmaceutical company CUBIST, and was approved for listing in China in 2009
    However, the relatively high price limits the growth of the international market to a certain extent

    With the approval of domestically produced daptomycin, the domestic market ushered in rapid growth


    In 2015, Huadong Medicine's daptomycin was approved to be listed in China and became the company's blockbuster product in the field of anti-infection

    According to data from Meinenet, the domestic market of daptomycin in 2020 will be mainly occupied by three companies, of which Sino-US Huadong (a subsidiary of Huadong Pharmaceutical Holdings) accounted for about 45%, followed by Jiangsu Hengrui with 35%, and the original research drug Cubist.


    Data source: Mi Nei.

    In the international market, daptomycin has always been regarded as the antibiotic with the most growth potential
    According to the IQVIA database, the global sales of daptomycin preparations in 2020 will be USD 466 million


    According to the announcement of Huadong Medicine, the approval of daptomycin for injection by the US FDA is an important result of the company's continuous enhancement of product research and development, improvement of product quality standards, and active promotion of the internationalization of preparations.
    It will also expand the overseas market for this product in the future.
    The market has a positive impact

    The company plans to actively promote the marketing of daptomycin for injection in the United States next year


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