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    In 2022, the wave of layoffs among multinational pharmaceutical companies is expected to continue!

    • Last Update: 2022-01-01
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    On November 30, the selection results of the sixth batch of insulin special collection were officially announced.
    A total of 42 selected insulin products were selected.
    The winning bidders included domestic pharmaceutical companies such as Ganli Pharmaceutical and United Laboratories, as well as Eli Lilly and Novo Noord and other multinational pharmaceutical companies
    However, at the time when all the companies are reporting good news, Novo Nordisk has reported the news of layoffs
    In 2022, the wave of layoffs among multinational pharmaceutical companies is expected to continue! (Image source: Pharmaceutical Network) According to relevant media information, Novo Nordisk will lay off 15% to 20% of its employees nationwide
    According to insiders, the compensation condition for this layoff is N+1
    The targets of the initial layoffs are mainly employees in the probation period and employees whose contracts are about to expire
    According to the list of candidates, Novo Nordisk has a total of 7 products to be selected from 6 product groups, including human insulin injection, protamine and human insulin injection, protamine and human insulin mixed injection (30R), and insulin aspart The bid prices for injection and insulin aspart 30 injection are respectively 30 yuan, 30 yuan, 30 yuan, 43.
    2 yuan, and 43.
    2 yuan
    For the news of Novo Nordisk's layoffs, the industry expressed its expectations
    In recent years, with the continuous advancement of domestic pharmaceutical policies such as centralized procurement, not only domestic pharmaceutical companies have accelerated their transformation, but multinational pharmaceutical companies have also been deeply affected.
    The resignation and layoffs that accompany the business adjustment process have continued
    Looking back at 2021, the wave of layoffs by multinational pharmaceutical companies continued to emerge.
    According to incomplete statistics in the industry, from January to November 2021, at least 28 multinational pharmaceutical companies have experienced layoffs, including Sanofi, Amgen, Gilead, Well-known large pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Mylan, Gilead, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca
    Among them, several multinational pharmaceutical companies reported layoffs in November alone
    For example, on November 11, Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals plans to remove 300 positions and use some of the saved funds to support the CGRP migraine drug Vyepti
    In 2020, Vyepti’s global sales are 93 million Danish kroner.
    It is understood that Vyepti is being impacted by competitors, including Amgen, Novartis, Daiichi Sankyo, Eli Lilly, etc.
    Therefore, Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals is under great pressure.
    In order to continue to promote Vyepti's future growth will require spending cuts elsewhere
    In addition, Rigel Pharmaceuticals, located in South San Francisco, and Esperion, a pharmaceutical manufacturer located in Michigan, also announced layoffs in November, preparing to reduce their employees by 16% and 40%, respectively
    The French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi has been turbulent about layoffs during the year.
    On January 19, 2021, the French trade union promoted Sanofi not to lay off workers during the cost reduction period.
    Sanofi had stated that it planned to lay off 1,680 jobs in Europe; September 15 this year A few days after the company’s key BTK inhibitor failed in a clinical trial, Sanofi revealed that it had closed Principia’s San Francisco laboratory and laid off more than 30 employees
    In addition, Pfizer and Mylan's generic drug spin-off company, Viatris, has also attracted attention from the industry this year
    On May 27th, Viatris announced the closure of its West Virginia factory with decades of history.
    It is estimated that more than 1,430 people will be unemployed
    It is reported that about half of these 1,000 people have joined the union.
    Huizhi said that the compensation plan for union members will be negotiated by the company and the union, and non-union members will receive a comprehensive compensation including wages and benefits
    In addition, the company will cooperate with local labor market and other organizations to provide reemployment plans for employees affected by factory closure
    From the perspective of the industry, under the current volatile background of the pharmaceutical market, both local pharmaceutical companies and multinational pharmaceutical companies are accelerating the adjustment of talents and product structure according to market development trends and their own needs.
    It is expected that the wave of resignations and layoffs in 2022 will continue.

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