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    In the first quarter, over 90 domestic biopharmaceutical companies completed financing

    • Last Update: 2022-05-24
    • Source: Internet
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     Several companies have recently announced the completion of financing
    For example, Darui Bio announced the completion of the Series A financing of US$33 million, and the main purpose of the funds was to promote the establishment of its own delivery platform and the research and development of drug pipelines; Zhejiang Arthur Group announced the completion of the Series A financing of hundreds of millions of RMB, and the funds obtained were It will be used to build Arthur Medicine's injection production line that meets China, the United States, and European Union standards and a pipeline centered on the upstream and downstream product lines of high-end preparations

    Strengthening financing in the pharmaceutical industry will help to further optimize the layout of R&D pipelines, which is a beautiful landscape in the pharmaceutical field

    As the so-called "one year's plan lies in the spring", it is reported that in the just-concluded first quarter, financing events in the pharmaceutical field also continued to occur

    According to public information, in the first quarter, financing in China's biopharmaceutical field (excluding in vitro diagnostics and testing, etc.
    ) was relatively active as a whole

    According to relevant statistics, more than 90 Chinese biopharmaceutical companies have completed financing of different rounds and natures

    Among them, more than 50 new drug R&D companies have completed early-stage financing (A round/A+ round and before)

    Analysts said that in the first quarter of 2022, the total scale of investment and financing in the medical and health field was relatively stable, and the number of investment and financing events and the amount involved increased

    Investment and financing data have a predictive role in the performance of the secondary market, and investment opportunities in the medical and health sector continue to be optimistic

    In the first quarter of financing, new cell therapy, gene therapy, tumor therapy, etc.
    have attracted the attention of innovative drug companies

    Among them, cell therapy, as an emerging treatment method, is the key layout direction of the life and health industry

    In the first quarter, in the development of new cell therapy, many companies are actively deploying.
    For example, Xin Chuan Bio is developing IPS-CAR-NK product pipelines for lung cancer, liver cancer, intestinal cancer, B lymphoma, etc.
    ; Allogeneic CAR-NK and NK cell therapy drugs; Kaidi Medical is also researching new cell therapies such as CAR-NK

    Junsai Bio and Blue Horse Medical are both committed to developing tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy for the treatment of solid tumors; Shi Ze Bio is committed to developing stem cell therapy solutions to treat Parkinson's disease and other diseases.
    In the therapy, many companies such as Weimei Gene, Xingmu Bio, Jinweike Bio, Zhongyin Technology, Jinlan Gene, Huayi Lejian, Zhongji Zhiyao and other companies are conducting research and development of AAV gene therapy products, and the disease areas of research cover ophthalmic diseases , neuromuscular diseases, genetic metabolic diseases, rare diseases,

    In addition, data shows that in the first quarter of 2022, the scale of investment and financing in the global medical and health sector has increased as a whole, with the total investment and financing reaching US$28.
    13 billion; about 499 investment and financing events occurred, an increase of 32.

    Among them, innovative drugs, medical services, medical devices, and precision medicine accounted for a relatively high proportion

    From March alone, according to statistics, in March 2022, a total of 112 financing events (excluding IPOs, private placements, etc.
    ) occurred in the global biomedical field, and the total disclosed financing was about 2.
    909 billion US dollars

    Among them, a total of 55 financing projects in the domestic biopharmaceutical field have been generated, with a total financing of approximately US$1.
    02 billion, an increase of about 80% from the previous month; a total of 57 projects in the overseas biomedical field have been completed, with a cumulative total of nearly US$1.
    889 billion

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