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    Industry | 2020 China's real estate industry epidemic forces digital and intelligent changes in the industry

    • Last Update: 2021-03-28
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    The epidemic is pressing, and the real estate industry is accelerating digital and intelligent changes.
    This year, the pace of real estate sales is to accumulate customers in the first half of the year, especially to cultivate online customer accumulation and digital drainage capabilities.
    Sales will pick up in the second half of the year, from online in the first half of the year.
    Store customers into offline.
    "A few days ago, at an Alibaba Cloud online communication meeting, Zhang Tianjie, general manager of Alibaba Cloud's intelligent real estate industry solutions, said.
    Zhang Tianjie believes that the new crown pneumonia epidemic period has given the real estate industry a time to rethink and explore, which will accelerate the digitalization of real estate.
    And the development trend of intelligence, as well as the innovation of the real estate industry in combination with technology-related models.
    Marketing model reform .
    Real estate companies push for "online sales offices".
    After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, more than a thousand sales offices were suspended and many developments On the front line of business, it started as an "online sales office", and some sales started as "Internet celebrity Li Jiaqi" and began to sell real estate live.
    According to incomplete statistics from the reporter, Country Garden, Evergrande, Sunac, R&F, Kaisa, etc.
    Real estate companies started selling their houses online during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and their basic packages are generally "online sales + check out without reason.
    " Due to the lack of the important link of "on-site inspections", home buyers are Insufficient information trust makes it difficult to facilitate the final transaction.
    In order to eliminate worries, “check out without reason” has become a standard feature.
    In addition, the developer also provides a variety of rights and interests menus, including: multiple house purchase discounts, recommendation rewards, and cheapest house purchases.
    According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the sales of real estate and commercial housing in 2019 are about 15.
    97 trillion yuan, a cumulative year-on-year increase of 6.
    Judging from the figures, it is expected that the trend of steady progress will be maintained in 2020, and the overall sales will be close to 170,000.

    (Note: 2019 1--9, the amount of growth in October was 7.
    1%, 7.
    3%) sub-category, residential sales of about 13.
    94 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.
    3%; office sales of about 0.
    53 One trillion yuan, down 15.
    1%; the sales of commercial buildings were about 1.
    11 trillion yuan, down 16.
    "A single online sales office cannot achieve good results.
    It is only a display function because it does not have a front-end traffic entrance.
    " Based on this, Zhang Tianjie pointed out that Alibaba and Alibaba Cloud are also working hard in the real estate field.
    , That is, to empower the real estate industry with the drainage and precision marketing capabilities in Ali's ecology.
    "With this wave of constant innovation and experimentation, in the future, online sales will be a very important means that can be combined with offline.
    " Zhang Peng, executive director and president of Modern Land, pointed out that if there is indeed a lot of online subscription data , Indicating that there is the possibility of online customer acquisition, but whether the offline contract conversion can be realized, it is necessary to wait for the conversion situation after the experience center is truly opened.
    Li Yujia, chief researcher of the Guangdong Provincial Housing Policy Research Center, believes that at this stage, there are only three types of customers that may be sold.
    One is customers who have been optimistic about the house a year ago, and there are projects that they like, and they only have to stop at the door; the other is customers who want to buy the bottom.
    , The developer's "check out without reason" provides protection for it; there is also a category of customers who are eager to buy a house with just-needed customers.
    However, in the opinion of Yan Yuejin, research director of the Think Tank Center of E-House Research Institute, in order to truly allow buyers to recognize the online model, several major conditions are required: existing houses, hardcover and delivery of production certificates; remorse mechanism; house viewing experience; financial supervision .
    "As far as the current situation is concerned, most of the projects are off-plan houses, and a considerable part of them are rough houses.
    At the same time, it is impossible for the vast majority to apply for real estate certificates or real estate certificates.
    Objectively, this makes housing transactions face a lot of uncertainty.
    " Yan Yan Yuejin said that when the company itself is unable to make a 100% commitment to the listings, only visible and clear listings are eligible for real online transactions.
    “It’s very important to know the security of the house purchase.
    ” Yan Yuejin said that in the actual process, once the prepayment is paid for the house purchase, it is basically more difficult to get a refund.
    Therefore, by actively introducing an anti-regret mechanism or checking out without reason, buyers will not have so many worries about online transactions.
    In addition, this remorse mechanism can also be considered through financial means, such as through the establishment of a house purchase insurance mechanism.
    Yan Yuejin also pointed out that it is difficult to understand the surrounding situation of the community for online house viewing, so it is necessary to use technology to achieve a higher sense of experience.
    In addition, the scale of housing purchase and sale funds is relatively large, and there must be capital supervision measures, especially with the help of third-party guarantees such as Alipay, and the subsequent housing financial system can be established to reduce related transaction risks.
    Changes in operating methods and community services will become more intelligent.
    In addition to the real estate enterprise marketing dimension, it is worth mentioning that under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people are generally aware of the significance and value of property work, and property services are getting more and more attention.
    The stickiness of the owners continued to increase.
    In this context, in the eyes of the industry, this will benefit the development of property management in the direction of refinement and specialization.
    In 2018, the operating income of China's property management industry was 704.
    363 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.
    25%; the total area of ​​properties under management reached 27.
    93 billion square meters, a year-on-year increase of 13.
    2%; the employed population was close to 10 million.
    In general, the development of my country's property management industry is showing a trend of continuous improvement.

    In the past, owners did not expect high levels of community services and property services.
    After the epidemic, the management methods of properties and communities have been changed.
    Around the "last mile", the epidemic has also prompted many companies to increase investment in community operations, or combine more businesses with communities, including those that combine the epidemic.
    Management methods and life services, thereby driving changes in the business model of the community.
    Zhang Tianjie said that in the future, around the community, there will be three major changes in intelligence and digitization: online space, intelligent services, and ecological synergy.
    "In the past, real estate companies built physical spaces and property services, relying more on labor and offline.
    After this epidemic, business and equipment will be combined online to provide owners and customers with a better service portal.
    " Zhang Tianjie said.
    Not only that, Zhang Tianjie said that many community services previously relied on humans, but now they can be realized through some high-tech, such as automatic recognition by using AI.
    "Take Alibaba Cloud as an example, you can use AI capabilities to automatically raise poles in parking lots.
    Fees can not only reduce people-to-person contact, but also reduce labor costs for the property operation team and improve human efficiency.
    " During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, more life-friendly services came into being.
    Zhang Tianjie said that in some community operations and services, the ability to rely on a team or a company is relatively limited, and it should be solved in conjunction with a broader ecosystem.
    "At present, residents will use the Internet more to obtain express delivery, takeaway and other services.
    The property management team of the real estate company will have to rely on themselves to solve many platform-based problems, such as distribution and logistics.
    When it comes to commodities, there are still commodities.
    The issue of stocking and inventory.
    Based on this, Alibaba is introducing more ecology into the community, such as Ele.
    me, Cainiao Logistics, etc.
    , hoping to better balance community services and safety management during and after the epidemic.
    " Zhang Tianjie said.
    From the perspective of the industry, further expanding the breadth and depth of services and building a broader community ecosystem will become the development trend of community services in the future.
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