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    Inner Mongolia Gangyuan Chemical 420,000 tons of calcium carbide project officially put into operation

    • Last Update: 2022-02-26
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    Recently, the 420,000-ton calcium carbide project of Inner Mongolia Gangyuan Chemical Industry Co.
    , Ltd.
    was formally put into production in Ulanchabu, Inner Mongolia, and commercialized production was realized, with various technical indicators meeting expectations
    It is reported that the project is located in Hangning Dalai Industrial Park, Chahar Youyihouqi, Inner Mongolia.
    The new process uses cheap low-grade pulverized coal and powdered lime as raw materials to replace high-grade coal, blue charcoal, coke, lump lime, etc.
    , The raw material cost of producing 1 ton of calcium carbide is reduced by 43.
    Shenwu Environmental Protection adopts a contract energy management model, using new technology to carry out energy-saving and consumption-reducing technological transformations on the original traditional calcium carbide furnace
    This project has been selected as one of the first 10 energy efficiency improvement demonstration projects in the United States and the United States, with an investment of more than 160 million yuan in renovation and an estimated annual energy saving benefit of more than 75 million yuan
    Wu Daohong, chairman of Shenwu Environmental Protection, said that in terms of investment, taking the 1 million tons of olefin project as an example, the coal gasification method requires an investment of about 28 billion yuan, and the new process requires about 20 billion yuan, a 28% reduction; in terms of energy consumption , The coal consumption per ton of olefins produced by the new process is reduced by about 26%; in terms of water consumption, the coal consumption per ton of olefins produced by coal gasification is about 27 tons, and the new process requires about 13.
    2 tons, a decrease of about 50%.
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