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    Is food defoamer harmful to human body

    • Last Update: 2017-12-12
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    Introduction: Food defoamer is a kind of food additive widely used in the food industry Is food defoamer harmful to human body? Can defoamer be eaten? Let's introduce it to you Defoamer, also known as antifoam agent, is used to suppress and eliminate froth in food processing, papermaking, printing and dyeing, water treatment, coating and ink processing In food processing, defoamer can prevent and eliminate harmful bubbles in the process of food processing, so that the operation is smooth Usually, oil or water-soluble surfactant with low volatility and strong diffusion force is used The most widely used defoamer is organosilicon resin Organochlorosilane monomer is prepared from organosilicon and organochloride by catalytic reaction The by-product is removed by distillation and then hydrolyzed and polycondensated Used for monosodium glutamate fermentation, wine, soy sauce, sugar, dairy products, jam and other manufacturing, enzyme and starch extraction and processing In the printing and dyeing process, defoamer is used to remove the foam caused by surfactant The original use of tributyl phosphate, octanol, and so on, has been the use of silicone compounds In the process of papermaking, defoamer can eliminate foam formed by various factors It can be selected according to the specific conditions and requirements of each process For example, the cost of wastewater treatment is low, which will not cause secondary pollution, and bentonite with certain foam inhibiting ability can be added into surfactant as filler; defoamer used for alkaline pulp washing, bleaching and black liquor concentration is required to be alkali resistant and high temperature resistant, most of which are composed of alkene solvent and lipophilic surfactant; The defoamer used in paper machine requires no oil stain on the paper surface and will not affect the water resistance The emulsion defoamer consisting of silicone oil or hard fatty amide and calcium (aluminum) soap can be selected Coating defoamer should have two functions of defoaming and antifoaming, which do not affect the brightness and printing performance of the coating Its components are mostly composed of saturated alcohol, fatty alcohol ester or polyoxyethylene fatty alcohol ether and other surfactants Is food defoamer harmful to human body? According to China's hygienic standard for the use of food additives, the maximum use amount of food defoamer for brewing process is 1g / kg, that of bean product process is 1.6g/kg, that of sugar production process and fermentation process is 3G / kg, and that of general industrial use is 0.5-2.5 ‰ Under the condition of national standard, there is no harm to human body when using food defoamer, but if it exceeds the maximum dosage, it is likely to cause harm to human body Therefore, we must pay attention to the standard when using defoamer in food industry Antifoam agent can be eaten Xiaobian Xiaobian introduced that defoamer commonly used in food is a kind of food additive It is mainly used for foaming food processing such as tofu Since it is a kind of food additive, it has an effect on the body to a certain extent It has the limitation of quantity and variety, and daily consumption of its related products will not cause great harm to the body But we should also have a dialectical understanding when using defoamers, and actively understand the small knowledge of food additives, which is helpful to learn more about defoamers If there is any objection to food safety, we can use food safety detector to detect food safety Editor in charge: he xianrob
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